Tea Mood board Story. Get to know the harmony of your soul.

Japanese culture habits become an inseparable part of your life if you are one of these, who love endless harmony inner piece. Let your brain and body dive deeper into…

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Japanese culture habits become an inseparable part of your life if you are one of these, who love endless harmony inner piece.

Let your brain and body dive deeper into the inner harmony and let all difficulty behind you. Don’t rush and slow down. Treat yourself and give your mind some couple of minutes to relax. Simple things make us happy and enrich our lives.

Live in the present moment and focus on yourself. This time is dedicated to deepening the mind. Enjoy incoming perfection.

If you found yourself in these words, then Japanese culture will be very close to you. Their lifestyle and understanding of the true values are admirable for many people around the world. A strongly rooted cultural habit, tradition, and philosophy of life still persist in the present. The Japanese tea ceremony takes you into a different world, it’s a world where you can focus on yourself and enjoy a present moment. It doesn’t matter about everything else.

During a tea ceremony let your brain rest, open your mind, and feel a significant energy, which surrounds you. This ceremony is called a lifelong experience.

If these words were interested in you, the previous article may also enrich your personality and you can learn more about the Japanese Tea ceremony. Besides this, there is another article, that is full of great tea sets and we believe one of these will be yours.

This tea mood board is such beautiful. In the dark black shadows, fine tones of color in timelessly and minimalist design. The travel tea set is very compact and the best choice for every journey. You will fall in love with this handy tea set.

You will be truly pleasured by the quality of the processing and use of materials. The ceramic may create remarkable products that may serve us for a long time.

A candle with an amazing smell that will be everywhere around you. There is an option to close the lid of this candle, yes you heard right this candle is resealable! As easy as it sounds if you don’t want to burn it any longer, just close the lid. This way your candle will last longer and won’t get dusty.

Travel Ceramic Tea Set in Minimalist design

Set offers an authentic feel of minimalism in conjunction with a dark matt color shade that absolutely gains your attention. Excellent choice! A compact simple double-layer anti-collision cloth bag is full of little surprise of an incredible piece of tea equipment.

You can buy it over here or go follow an article and find out more.

Wick Candle

Hand-poured in East London, this eco-soy candle is inspired by Japanese forest bathing. Designed to create a calming atmosphere – the earthy and woody aroma evokes thoughts of nature and transports you straight there.

You can buy it over here.


What can make a unique feel and pleasure taste more than a cup of Japanese green tea? Breathe deeply and everything else let on the candle, it absolutely completes the whole cozy atmosphere in your house. Even more, the candle is inspired by Japanese forest bathing, which brings little pieces of Asian cultural habits into your home.


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