5 minimalistic Japanese furniture pieces that can make your house look more minimalistic

Less is more. These words absolutely reflect the simplicity and pureness design of Japanese furniture. Have you ever experienced a pleasant feeling when entering a house? An unforgettable feeling stays…

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Less is more. These words absolutely reflect the simplicity and pureness design of Japanese furniture.

Have you ever experienced a pleasant feeling when entering a house? An unforgettable feeling stays inside you. The sense of detail brings excellent results in design. Japanese furniture design has deep roots that evolved for many years. Their traditional manufacturing had to pass by many periods, however, the real form remains the same.

The minimalist way of life is a typical characteristic feature of this Asian culture. It preserves simple, clean, and forward-thinking elements. It becomes an inspiration for many people in the world. Japanese design makes you minimalist!

These are the key elements of a simple life. In principle, sometimes the space, where you live, is crowded with lots of furniture and things. Clear your mind by reducing and eliminating things.

Why shouldn’t focus on real needs things and get rid of most of them? You need less than you think, the opposite is true, you own more than you use. At first impression, the empty room may evoke strange feelings. On the other hand, the minimalist design of the room has an effect increase of concentration and also on creativity, while you spend time working in this space.

Find out what you really need in the specified room. The sense of collecting unnecessary things may cause the room can’t fulfill the real purpose. The simple and multifunction design of furniture saves space, money and offers endless options. We focused mainly on the minimalist appearance and universal use of products. We chose basic traditional Japanese furniture pieces, such as a tatami, a low table, and a Japanese floor chair. If you are interested in buying a minimalist bed, we mean Futon mattresses too, you can find more interesting information in the previous articles.

The details make perfection

Everybody desires a cozy place for mind-rest in an ever-changing world. The house should be served for us. It’s a place where you can be yourself.

The tendency surrounding things doesn’t have any sense. You may start by that clear off the desk and keeping it empty. This everyday routine makes you feel free and brings new ideas. The conception consists of statements: keep what you really need, everything else removed.

All the necessary things have their own place, you can find them where were you put them. Everything is arranged, giving you space for self-realization.

Balance of keeping the design identity is key for Japanese furniture. Harmony among the traditional and modern elements may create remarkable art.

We will guide you through the process, hidden behind the selection of Japanese furniture.

As it knows, the traditional Japanese room contains only the essential piece of furniture.

The manufacturing process of Japanese furniture depends on the sources of the natural materials being used. For example, it can be wood or bamboo, or even rattan. Hand-made products of Japanese furniture have a rich and long history, reflecting their personal deep approach and relation to nature.

You can achieve the same result, just by open-mind. Find out what you really need in the specified room.

We tried to find balance among the traditional Japanese processing in conjunction with the requirement of modern man. These 6 products passed through our selection, reflecting key features:

  • Public demand
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Brand and quality

The power of minimalism

Life may bring unexcepted moments and you should be prepared and adaptable to them. The charm of new culture and interest in the manners of life are typical signs for people. The conception of simplicity and openness of the space has an increased tendency among the people. Therefore we touched on Amazon, which offers endless possibilities of choice.

Don’t be slave money and time

Japanese minimalism of life can be rewarded with many benefits. You may notice a major aspect related to money. These products can save money in a long period. Over time you realize that you don’t need to buy more unnecessary things, as before. All you need is a quality, practical and multifunctional product.

User rating played a role

Everyone has different demands and expectations. That’s fine! This approach helps to improve make the improvement of product. The customer reviews offer the real rate of the purchase, even, they provide the real picture, some of them guaranteed satisfaction. This process requested our attention, so you can be sure of purchasing these products.

The balance between brand and quality

Manufacturers will face great challenges! The brand always stays behind the quality use of materials. Diversity is important and necessary. Therefore we seek to focus on choosing the products, according to brand too, it’s mainly for high-quality use material and processing.

MustMat Japanese Traditional foldable Tatami mat Double-Sided Design

The design of this Tatami has presented a harmonic mix of the use of natural materials and modern practical details. The cover is made from 100% natural rattan, however, on the backside is used a cotton cloth. The result is a tatami with a firm texture, providing comfort.

Besides, the cotton side is removable and washable. Everyone will appreciate these benefits. Rattan does not request any special care, but before use, wipe it off with a dry soft towel, then you can clean the surface with a wet towel. Remember, always along the grain. The last step is the ventilation of a room, due to the thorough drying of layers. It should avoid exposure to the direct sun.

Simple things mean more than you think. The easy solution! This Japanese furniture can be easily folded into three-part and stored in a wardrobe. Space can change the purpose of use whenever.

New ways of sleep and relaxation. A cozy place for you. The tatami mat brings many various uses. It can create a dining area or meditation space for rest. Also, serve as an underlay mattress for an existing Futon.

Found out more about size specifications:

Dimensions Tatami: 35.4 x 78.7 x 1.96 inches(standard metric size 200 x 90 x 5cm)
Folding size: 35.4 x 26.2 x 6 inches

Foldable Modern-style Japanese Tatami Floor Seating

The Zaisu floor chair presents the traditional Japanese chair without legs. You start to perceive a different cultural habit from this country. One of these is absolutely a way of sitting, sleep and relaxing on the floor.

A crowded space can cause a wrong perception of surroundings
and further, the brain can’t be concentrated enough. Space should offer openness and make possible changes.

The Japanese furniture is full of unexpected and resourceful ideas.

The floor chair should be considered a perfect invention. A chair with a standard chair back, but without legs.

Managed to create practically a product made from polyester, small as a document bag, very lightweight, foldable and, easy to store. Even, there is a chair design in different colors.

In other words, a Zaisu chair is a common part of the Tatami room, can place it anywhere. Literally! Enjoy picnic time or read a book on a cozy chair.

Zaisu chair slides up under a low table and provides the most suitable position posture, while you work on a computer for a couple of hours. You never will feel broken. An ergometric backrest chair provides the most comfort as you expect.

FLOGUOR Adjustable Floor Chair with Back Support Portable Meditation Chair Folding Floor Seating Soft

The Loguor brand has especially focused on customers’ needs. They offer high-quality products for a reasonable price. The production of this Japanese furniture reflects the modern elements and careful selection of materials for use.

Zippers are easy and great! Just use the washing machine and the cover is clean again.

The simple look design and a combination of the linen fabric floor chair with a high density of sponge filled. These breathable fibers guarantee comfort and a soft feel, while you seat.

The breathable fibers provide a flexible and durable, absolutely belong to its features. It is made of linen fabric, which is breathable, fresh, soft, and durable. High flexibility provides comfortable, relieves fatigue, and precedes deformation.

Thanks to an adjustable backrest with 6 different positions and the use of the mentioned fibers provide great flexibility, prevents back pain, helps maintain the proper posture, reduces tiredness, all these benefits you can have. The simply adjust backrest allows fully folded, take a nap, or just chill out.

How to adjust the angle of the backrest

  • Lean forward to the end.
  • Restore the back to a horizontal position.
  • Restore the backrest to a comfortable angle.

The folding chair can be stored almost wherever. You don’t need extra space for storage.

It’s ideally suited for a smaller apartment. The students or children evaluated this multi-function chair. Its possibilities are endless. You can be inspired by ideas from Asia. Invite your friends and enjoy meditation or dinner time together. If you have a traditional tatami, you can put the chair on tatami mats, this combination provides maximum comfort. Even more, you can use it, while you playing games or reading a book. The ideal angle of the backrest is 90 degrees when you watch a movie.

malu The Floor Chair with Adjustable Folding Backrest, removable and washable cover

The Malu brand created a floor chair from foam filling with a vegan leather finish. That will adapt to your body shape. An adjustable backrest that has 6 various positions, constructed with 180 degrees of motion. You have a choice from 5 seating angles and the last option is completely foldable to make it flat. The back support helps prevent spinal problems, such as spine curvature.

The cover made from synthetic microfibers is fully removable and machine washable. The minor stain on the covers or bottom can be removed using a damp cloth. Besides, the use of nylon on the bottom provides the possibility of using the outdoor. It’s really eye-chatting for the passerby, for example in the park.

The idea to create a folding chair was excellent. Do you agree? The ability to adapt to new situations and changes may bring real pleasure.

When is fully folded, it takes up a little space and can be stored in the closet. Thanks to an adjustable carry shoulder strap, travel and handling with this, will be more easy and available. Whenever you need to move a portable chair elsewhere, even take it to the park. It will guarantee comfort on any surface.

The Malu brand seeks to create a floor chair that offers many variabilities of use. As the meditation floor chair or it can serve as the seating area for your friends. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, that this kind of chair is the best decision, because of the prevention of back pain and proper posture.

A nice surprise is waiting for you. The purchase of this Japanese furniture will give you the Malu meditation eBook. It’s a guide to step by step for a meditation class. Take a break for meditation.

In addition, the Malu brand offer return for a 100% refund of the purchase, in case it didn’t live up to your expectations.

Found out more about size specifications:

Dimensions lying flat: 39.5″ x 18.3″ x 3.0″
Dimensions folded: 20.0” x 18.3” x 6.1”


A nice low table you will love in. Such a great piece of furniture is that table. Did you wonder why? It’s mainly for unlimited possibilities of use.

Have a coffee break or traditional tea-Ceremony on a bamboo table. It’s even suitable as an item of garden furniture. Start to enjoy your free time.

“Maximalism of minimalism”

The table makes a storage space for books and journals. Also, it serves as a computer desk, as we mentioned above, when you use a floor chair, while you work, this combination may provide luxurious comfort for your back.

For those, who own a too-small flat than, this small low table is a great choice, due to its practicality, storage, and saving space.

The bamboo plant has had a significant place in Japanese culture for a long time.

The simple and impressive look of the original bamboo structure and natural color, made with respect to nature. The whole frame is created from quality-verified natural bamboo. The bamboo tabletop has a protective smooth surface that will protect it from any liquor stains. The stain can be wiped with a damp cloth, in case of dirty. The bamboo material needs a dry environment because there is moisture, there is a precondition for the formation of mold.

Do you need more chairs? The round-shaped tabletop can serve as a seating place, due to weight resistant of up 100kg. Strong and firm screwed 4 legs provide sufficient stability.

Easy assemble. Everybody can do this! The instruction of installation is part of the package, including of Allen key and screwdriver.

Found out more about size specifications:

Dimensions:(LxWxH)Table top: 39.17’’ x 19.49’’/ 14.17’’x12.6 ‘’
Packet carton: 40.94’’ x 20.47’’ x 1.57’’
Weight: 3.7kg


We hope, these words may help you make any decisions, whereas we know how it’s important to consider purchasing proper pieces of Japanese furniture. Prepare your mind for new opportunities and possible changes. This article may help and give you a good answer about how to solve a space that surrounds you. The lack of space belongs to a common problem. Right? If you are struggling with a lack of space, then you are limited by it. We are sure that Japanese furniture offers variety and due to its own personal character can become attractive for everyone.

If you are one of the more adventurous people, then the minimalist lifestyle can be a great challenge for you. Inspiration is all around you. Be open to new possibilities and ideas.

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