The Japanese philosophy of life personifies lifelong fulfillment

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Ghandi Have you ever ask yourself about the sense of life or seek to found out the correct…

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Be the change you want to see in the world.
– Mahatma Ghandi

Have you ever ask yourself about the sense of life or seek to found out the correct answer? We are sure, that everyone has an interest in these thoughts. It’s difficult to face the existential question of life or to find the true sense of purpose in our life, and to reveal the real value of daily life.

The form of the contemporary world has a visible effect on the behavior of people and definitely influences the quality of life. As it seems you live in a “matrix”, you are constantly in a hurry, and even sometimes you have no idea, where you’re going. Enrichment of the soul brings true happiness. Focus on yourself and enjoy the present moment, you don’t need to rush.

Everyone seeks to find the best way of life, unfortunately, any proper life guide doesn’t exist and you know it!


Achieve a life balance and perfection has an increasing tendency among people, due to inner peace, harmony, and composure mind. The idea of a happy life is to perceive differently because everyone has their own concept.

We would like to introduce ikigai concept of “reason for being” in this conjunction, it can be an impetus for change and may help you solve the issue of existence. Having a sense of purpose in life and being motivated is the main idea of ikigai concept.

That Japanese theory describes main aspects like passion, mission, vocation, and profession. It’s the mental state of four elements:

  • What you love (Passion and Mission)
  • What you are good at (Passion and Profession)
  • What you can be paid for (Profession and Vocation)
  • What the world needs (Mission and Vocation)

All these values create a key role for achievement happy, long, and quality life.

Story of your life, start every morning when you open your eyes. A new day is a reason, why to get up and fight.

This daily routine has something really special hidden and significant, concerning everyone in this world. A reason for living“. In other words, a reason to wake up and continue on the day.

Makes life worth living? This consideration follows up the first mentioned paragraph, which refers to fundamental questions related to life with unclear answers.

The constant effort and passion for changes can lead to visible results. It’s an individual process to self-realization though it requests your time. As the first step to the ikigai world can be this book. It’s truly a beautiful piece of work.

Every day offers new endless possibilities, however, all steps depend on inner self-decision, which can considerably influence on mind and views. You can experience significant moments via common things, thanks to the adding value.


Sometimes the people have a tendency surrounded by many unnecessary things, without any deeper sense. As it seems, they slowly forgot on real values and they still seek to find something extraordinary. You don’t try to rush things, instead, you should focus on your closest friend and enjoy the present moment. Simplicity is hidden in details and beauty in experiences.

The Force of the present moment is unrepeatable. Is there anything, that you can keep forever? We believe all of the memories are indelible traces, that nobody can take away from you. That true treasure belongs only to you forever, but, any moment in life cannot be repeated.

In this conjunction, it’s really necessary to mention the remarkable Japanese philosophy, that it becomes an important part of their culture. The concept called Ichi-go ichi-e 期一会 has a truly deep sense and significant position in society. It is a Japanese four-character idiom yojijukugo that expresses the value of the present moment. Everything is fleeting and unrepeatable. Conception is translated and means “one time, one meeting”. In other words, the main idea lays in reminding people, that any gathering that you can take part in, you should value this opportunity, that any moment in life cannot be repeated. Despite the fact, goes on the identical same group of people and even when they met on the same place again. Therefore every single moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience


 “One life, one encounter”

Every encounter is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Sometimes used as a reminder to cherish every moment because you’ll only experience it once.

Use the opportunity or any chance and enjoy every moment with your friends. The best decision you can make it is try to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. During this cultural ritual, live in the present moment, open your mind, and feel the energy, that surrounds you.


We truly believe nature is love at first sight. The desire to explore a place is endless.

Take your time together, let go of all thoughts and slow down. Start to perceive special moments and focus on yourself. The positive impact of the natural environment is visible and graspable for a person. The perfect place offers a refuge before undesirable effects.

Nature is genius, it can change the mood and contribute to improving mental energy. Helps you to make the right choice and a healthy mind tends to proper life decisions. We perceive green space as a wealthy source of inspiration for new ideas and encourage creativity. Besides this, it’s cultivating your personality and it makes you a better person.

Experience the unmistakable feeling of “nature baths” Shinrin-yoku refers to the main idea of this Japanese conception. In other words, it’s a natural therapy that represents “forest bathing” or relaxing in a forest atmosphere.

Being in quiet, breathe forest air, while you surrounded by nature is mental and physical enriching. The trees in conjunction with clean air emphasize the essence of this natural therapy. A clean mind, relieve stressful thoughts, support concentration and memory are reflections of Japanese culture. Spending time in nature makes you happier and you feel like reborn.

Besides, these remarkable and amazing healthy and mental benefits, stay in nature boost immune system, decrease blood pressure and provide a night of better sleep, due to producing hormones. According to the journal Environmental Research, people who spend time in nature reduced chronic illnesses. These interesting data can be an important influence factor for humans.


Japan is certainly a place of creativity, openness, and endless inspiration. In case you began a journey through understanding the Japanese healthy lifestyle, it requests a piece of knowledge and even a sign of courage. With so many available options nowadays, they still keep a balanced combination including daily habits, sports activities, hobbies, and traditional meals.

All mentioned key factors continually passed generation from generation and create a stable base for a cultural form of life.

Nevertheless, the main idea is hidden in the mindset, which leads to success and happiness in personal fulfillment. Furthermore, this could be one of the reasons for the Japanese longevity.

Old Japanese people are true visible proof of longevity. Be aware of life and knowing the sense of purpose lead to fulfillment happiness, humility, and inner peace.

The purity of ikigai philosophy refers to the unique way of life, keep the soul young, despite old age. To find joy in everyday activities and add value to common things. They are basic elements of this theory. Elderly people stay physically and socially active, engaged in hobbies and crafts. Focus on well-being and mental health, mainly for enrichment of mind and body.

At the same time an excellent health system that provides quality care and contributed to emotional prosperity. Their exemplary approach displays professionality and humanity to people and it’s the important factor, influences the behavior of anyone.

The Japanese have a remarkable life expectancy because they have more than 2 million people over the age of 90. These phenomena deserve special admiration and respect because it’s lifelong work and a personal attitude to life.

Start the day with a morning warm-up is an amazing routine and a favorite activity. For elderly people is exercise a common part of their daily life from the 20s of the twentieth century, when the NHK state radio start to broadcast limbering-up called radžio taisó. That sounds great, right? No doubts about their condition, perseverance, courage, and progress!

Keep active and eat healthily. They are constantly moving anywhere. More than 95% of Japanese children use a bicycle or walk as a kind of transport to school. Travel to work or shops, by bicycle or walk, even commuting to work happen part of the exercise. It keeps them in good condition and they still feel young and fresh.

The importance of healthy lifestyle awareness is directly related to longevity, it also influences the quality and life expectancy.

When it comes to Japanese food is modest by portion, however enough balanced and healthy. It particularly consists of carefully selected food like miso soup, rice bowl, fish, salmon, meat, fresh vegetable, edamame, and green tea.

As it knows, Japan’s men prefer smaller portions of food, instead of regular serving consists of one large portion. This kind of serving contributes to boosting metabolism, burn fat, and even meal can increase energy and improve the condition.

Japanese meals represent a wide choice of options and offer really high-quality. In particular, seafood has a significant place and it’s become an unmistakable part of this society. Impressive food preparation methods from the local products make elevate to art. A tempting combination of taste and a unique way of preparation is considered a characteristic feature of Japanese dining.

We are pretty sure, that sushi in this conjunction is clear proof of healthy and tasty food. Sushi belongs to the culinary experience, it’s worth trying too! Besides this, Salmon has a huge impact on how your brain works and it is great nutritious food.

Preparation for sushi depends on personal experiences, but the sushi world is open for everybody who has an interest in special occasions. We would like to definitely recommend these sushi sets contain all the essential items for preparation. You will not regret this decision and the purchase. Thanks to these perfect sushi pieces of equipment you can experience the delicious taste of quality Japanese meals.

You should be prepared for life challenges and face difficulty, despite the fact, life is worth it. Constantly keep moving forward and work on yourself. Follow your plan and still keep going on the way. Be ready for a lifelong journey!

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