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Did you ever wonder how to achieve a simple and yet functional bedroom? Well, we are here to help you out! You will find the best 3 picks from made, that we think might fit very and they are at a reasonable price.

Sometimes it is enough to add a simple wooden platform bed frame, just that one simple addition can be a game-changer. Moreover, this is a great and cheap way to support your mattress! We also can’t forget to mention that it will be comfier to climb into the bed itself and a frame is also great for mold prevention! With an extra storage space underneath.

Shall we begin? Too late, here is the first product that we have chosen!

Please note that at the current date of writing this review, the hassle-free return is extended to 30 days. But this may change in the future.


Wooden Platform Beds Kingsize

Kano Platform Kingsize Bed, Pine


  • easy to assemble
  • minimalistic style
  • excellent build quality
  • solid material
  • comfortable


  • More than 15 minutes to assemble
  • The given tools may not be enough, and an extra screwdriver may come in handy

Let us work with and the idea of a cabin-like bedroom where you can zen out or just feel safe. Oh, you don’t own a cabin? Are you short on space? These issues don’t play a role here.

With the Kano’s platform kingsize bed from pine wood, you can achieve any design you strive for. It has a sleek design and clean lines thus making it fit any design you decided to have. It can easily be one of the best wooden platform bed frames at its price range!

Inspiration came from Japanese design, meaning you can expect highly sophisticated and beautifully simple products. The whole frame is made from natural pine wood. That should be at least a reason to look it up! If you still can’t decide, let us add that it comes as a king or double-size frame!

Key features

The materials used are solid pine wood. According to reviews, it feels really solid and is easy to assemble. The only thing you may need is a screwdriver, the rest is in the package.

The manufacturer proclaims that the wood used to manufacture the wooden bed frame is traceable and from a well-known legal source.

To care for the frame itself is easy as it can be since the manufacturer advises cleaning just with a dry cloth and all the caring instructions are provided.

The best part? There is a guarantee for 10 years.

Wooden Platform Beds

Kano King Size Bed with Shelf, Pine


  • Solid wood
  • easy to assemble
  • guarantee for 10 years
  • Japanese design
  • hidden self behind the head plate


  • Some may struggle to assemble it without a screwdriver
  • Around 20 min of assembly time

The similarity with the kano platform bed here is noticeable but with a huge improvement. You can clearly notice the huge back support with a shelf!

The shelf itself is not visible to the naked eye, that is because it is cleverly hidden behind the headboard! Like a secret shelf! With this combination of improvements, you can create the bedroom of your dreams!

A nice king-size bed with a hidden shelf behind the headboard? What else do you need for your Zen relaxing room?

With its simplicity and Japanese design, this is the best wooden bed platform.

Key features

What makes a wooden platform bed a good investment? When it is made from solid wood. That is one of the main features of the Kano bed platforms.

The used wood is even traceable, thus you don’t need to worry about the wood source or if the environment is going to suffer. All the used materials are from a reusable legal source.

The assembly is a piece of cake although some of the reviews mention that you will need a screwdriver. All the rest tools are given in the package.

With a guarantee for 10 years? And a hassle-free return, that goes for 14 days? This is a must-have!

Wooden Platform Beds KingSize Rattan

Liana King Size Bed, Ash & Rattan


  • Amazing quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unique
  • Really nice and affordable set


  • You will eventually buy the whole set of furniture designed by Sebastian Cox

A truly modern piece of woodwork! With a modern design, you can’t go wrong with it. Just look at the smooth curved edges, they elevate the timeless aesthetic of this kingsize wood bed frame.

The liana king-size bed is made from natural timber ash, thus making it strong but with a soft and gentle look.

But let us talk about the extraordinary headboard! Woven rattan headboard increases the overall style of this bed frame! To describe it in a few words it would be, Stylish and simple.

Sebastion Cox

Crafting thoughtful forever pieces. That’s the philosophy of award-winning designer-maker, Sebastian Cox. Based in South East London, he’s a self-confessed wood nerd. His signature style? Pale timbers in simple shapes, with intricate woven detailing. Using a combination of traditional hand tools and digital machinery, he makes honest furniture for people to connect with.

Key features

Designed by Sebastion Cox who is known for his perfect craftsmanship with a modern look. The Liana wooden bed frame stands for the beauty of the natural materials fused together with a modern and simple look.

Unique and designed by someone famous? What more do you need. Stylish and simple design that goes to almost any bedroom setup that you can think of. This is simply a must-have!


Choosing the best wooden platform bed frame is tricky, however, these three-bed platform suggestions might do the trick. Owning a good wooden platform is crucial if you want to achieve the maximum from your mattress and avoid any mold problems in the future. The Sebastion Cox-designed one can be really eye-catching with the right set-up, for a budget you can create a dream bedroom.

The king-size here means the UK dimensions (150 x 200 cm, 59 x 78 in). All the products come with a 10-year guaranty. The care manual is also downloadable on every product page, and all the necessary tools are in the package.

We are sure that if you choose one of the reviewed bed frames, your sleep will change forever and the sentence Netflix and chill will have a whole different meaning.