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bedroom interior design ideas mood board

Aside from style and aesthetics, a study revealed that cluttered homes are linked to higher stress levels and depressed moods. The KonMari method is believed to have a significant positive impact on our lives.

Japanese bedrooms are usually designed with a certain style and color that’s similar to the natural materials found in their environment.

You may ask, What is on a mood board? Well to simply answer this question just continue to read!

mood board for bedroom idea

Carson Table Lamp

The Carson table lamp features a ball-shaped glass stand that adds a luminous effect to the surrounding areas. Its chrome finish base and white fabric shade contrast nicely with the soft, muted tone of its overall design.

Table Lamp mood board

Rogano Floor Lamp

The elegant base and round base of this floor lamp are combined with a warm brass stand to create a clean and contemporary look.

Floor Lamp mood board

Black Wall Art

This large canvas art piece features a rectangular wood frame and is stretched across a white background. The oil paint streaks on the canvas contrast the white background.

black wall art for mood board

Stratus Innerspring Mattress

The Stratus futon mattress is one of our most popular mattresses due to its consistent feel. It features a soft foam core and a cotton top layer.

Stratus Innerspring Futon Mattress mood board
Stratus Innerspring Futon Mattress

The Stratus features a dual-density core composed of steel innerspring and 2 layers of resilient foam. This mattress provides the same feel as a traditional Innerspring.

The top and bottom layers are made up of blended cotton. This mattress can be used as a sofa sleeper or a flippable bed.

Stratus Innerspring Futon Mattress mood board
Stratus Innerspring Futon Mattress
  • Ideal Fit For Those Seeking Pressure Relief
  • 8-inch Medium Firm Futon or Bed Spring Mattress
  • 5-7 Year Life Expectancy With Occasional Use
  • Features Fire Retardant Free Soy Base Foam

353 4 Inch Conventional Springs

  • Made From Long Lasting Recycled Steel
  • Resilient, Durable, and Familiar Feel

Natural Egyptian Staple Cotton

  • 14–26 Lbs. Of Eco Friendly Mattress Filling
  • Good Occasional Use Futon Mattress For Guest Beds

Soy Based Foam

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bedroom interior design ideas

Minotti ROGER Rectangular wooden bedside table

Rectangular wooden bedside table. The Roger nightstand is a natural extension of the coffee table. It features a self-standing base and is available in a size of 70×48 H37 cm.

Rectangular wooden bedside table mood board

RnuLOOM Contemporary Misty Shades Large Area Rug, Grey

The Pet-friendly and resilient rug are ideal for areas such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Rug gray mood board

This contemporary rug is ideal for areas that require a bit of height adjustment. It’s easy to clean and maintain and it is available in a medium 0.43” pile height.

Moreover, it is made from 100% Polypropylene and it is all made in Turkey!


Ottomans are very popular in Europe.

The elegant design of the Ottoman stool makes it a great addition to any modern interior. It can be used as a stool for various purposes such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Velvet Ottoman Square Stool Set mood board
Velvet Ottoman Square Stool Set of 2

Ottoman footrest is made from a high-density sponge. Its soft velvet fabric makes it extra comfortable.

These footstools are fully assembled and are durable enough to be transported indoors and out.

The gold metal frame and sturdy legs make this piece a safe and stable addition to any room. Its rubber bottom prevents the floor from getting scratched.

Organic Wool Bed Pillow

Our organic wool bed pillows are made from GOTS certified wool and are wrapped in a certified cotton pillowcase.

Organic Wool Bed Pillow mood board
Organic Wool Bed Pillow

The organic wool pillow is filled with chemical-free virgin wool. It can be customized to fit your individual comfort level. All of our pillows are hand-sewn in our San Francisco factory.

Our organic cotton and wool pillows are made with the finest materials and are designed to provide the most comfortable sleeping experience.

Made from GOTS certified wool and organic cotton, these pillows are available in a variety of sizes.

100% organic wool pillows are made with a chemical-free, flame-resistant, and safe-to-use design.

Body Temperature Regulation

Wool has natural moisture-wicking properties


Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew

Flame Resistant

Wool is difficult to ignite due to its unique chemical structure

Dust Mite Resistant

Wool is uninhabitable by dust mites due to its moisture resistance


If you like our idea of a nice bedroom that was illustrated on a mood board, you may also like these 5 ideas for a better night. A mood board is a simple and fast way to inspire a room idea. It can be done for any room, If you have any request for a specific mood board feel free to contact us.