Top 6 Futon Frame Reviews in 2021. How to solve a small space solution for everyday life?

Are you struggling with a lack of space? The solution can be much simpler than it may seem! Sometimes, you need more than you think. One piece of furniture may…

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Are you struggling with a lack of space? The solution can be much simpler than it may seem!

Sometimes, you need more than you think. One piece of furniture may fill the purpose of several things. A piece of furniture should deserve you, not the opposite way. We understand, how it’s important, but also hard to find extraordinary, multi-purpose, simple pieces of furniture, that make your daily life easier. The feel from the spacious and bright space is unforgettable, even more, when it’s a place where you live.

Moreover, if you are striving for a stylish and practical design, while you fight with the lack of space, then we have the best solution for you! It’s called the futon frame! It’s an ideal fit for a small room because it takes up less than a classic sofa. In other words, it’s a sofa bed that is very easy to convert from sofa to bed and yet, it perfectly saves space. We are going to follow up on the “space solution” because it becomes the most common issue in all of the huge and crowded cities.

As you can see below, all of the futon frames are diverse and they passed by our detailed reviews. Just continue to read all of this exciting information, they can help you make the right decision.

Keep in mind, that a futon cover is not part of this package, you need to buy them separately. Don’t worry all futon crafted by The Futon Shop is perfect and it fits together. We perceive it as an opportunity to choose the futon yourself.


Quick Summary


Futon Frame Wall Hugger


  • Wall hugger futon frame
  • Folding sofa bed easily to convert into a bed without moving away from the wall
  • Sturdy and durable hardwood
  • Organic low VOC paint finished
  • Straightforward assembly


  • Around 30 min of assembly time

The charming Dark Cherry finish is eye-catching and emphasizes natural wood appearance. Solid and sturdy construction is made from hardwood timber. Manufacturers elevate the importance of sustainable sources, therefore wood has grown utilizing strict standards of Sustainable Forest Management.

Have you ever heard about the “wall hugger“ futon frame? This type of sofa bed is considered for highly successful work, because of its unique hidden features. Strata furniture stays on the whole process and they belong to the best manufacturer of wall hugger futon frames. What does wall-saver recliner mean? That specified design offers fulfillment use of space, by that it is situated very close to the wall.

The function of the wall hugger is very sophisticated because it allows the sofa to easily convert to the bed, without moving a frame away from the wall. The base stays stable, only part of the futon like a back and seat position slides out. Additionally, the pull-out seat desk slides out smoothly and the legs fold down. A neatly tucked foldable part is placed perfectly and does not disturb a clean line of the design itself.


Jetson Wood Futon Sofa Bed


  • Bi-fold futon sofa bed
  • Multipurpose
  • Suit for a thick futon mattress on the top
  • Space-saving furniture
  • Adding storage drawers
  • Easy to assemble


  • For an occasional sleep

Jetson Bi-fold futon frame itself is stylish with classic wood arm style elements. The overall design elevates natural hardwood Dark Cherry finish.

When we talk about the practicality of using space, then this kind of futon frame is a sample proof. Convert from sofa to bed position, whenever you need. You will be prepared for an unexpected guest at any time.

A simple folding mechanism is easy to handle. The hidden seat deck component slid out and the legs fold down. Easy and quickly pull out and close the front part. It provides comfortable access to manipulation. Moreover, a sofa bed can be equipped with optional storage drawers attached to the underneath futon frame. What else to say? It’s a reason to look it up!

Key features

Hardwood construction is enhanced by steel reinforcements that are placed at all stress points. Moreover, there are front steel plates and back stretcher bars, due to strain.

A futon bed is marked by the label of Sustainable grown and harvested tropical hardwood, certified by the International Tropical Timber Organization.


Domino Sofa Bed Wall Hugger


  • Wall hugger mechanism
  • Hardwood timber
  • Craftsmanship
  • Modern-vintage style
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Maybe you need to buy an extra stop slip

A whole futon bed brings a accentuate and brighten into your room. Contemporary design with a touch of vintage style makes a cozy and pleasant atmosphere inside the house. The unique wood shape with a beautiful black walnut finish is carried in traditional processing of craftsmanship. A sofa bed is made from quality rubberwood and its sturdy, solid, and durable construction will get you!

Key features

Strata’s furniture style represents the collection of Domino wall-hugging futon frames. As we mentioned before, the idea of the Wall-hugger lies in a sliding mechanism, that allows easy and quick to convert the frame from sofa to bed.

It comes in two different size options, followed by a Full Double or Queen futon bed. The choices definitely depend on your space size, but both of these guarantees comfort and spaciously.

Don’t worry about the heavy frame or lack of space anymore, the frame stays close to the wall, while you change the position.


Rockwell Wall Hugger Futon Frame Sofa Bed


  • Modern low profile minimalist design
  • Function and comfort sofa bed
  • Fit perfectly to a small room and save a space


  • A little bit tricky to fold

The sophisticated low minimalist design is a win! Rising interest in minimalist living has an increased tendency among the people. We choose this Hugger Futon Frame, due to its features and appearance. A clean line and low profile with square corners reflect the timeless.

Key features

The newest Rockwell futon frame comes in a wall-hugger design, with the possibility of changing the purpose. It is very easy to convert the sofa to a bed. A sofa bed is made from durable hardwood with sturdy and strong-arm legs.

Surface treatment with low VOC finishes in a black walnut color impresses you. What does the VOC mean? It stands for “volatile organic compound.” You can find them in many materials, you recognize them according to a typical paint smell. These chemicals are harmful to people and the environment, therefore the government started to regulate them. But don’t worry futon frame is marked by a low VOC finish, in other words, reduced amounts of VOC, which means they don’t off-gas as much as traditional paint.


Hand made Amish Futon Frame


  • Handmade by craftsman
  • 100% natural and chemical-free
  • No VOC finish
  • Natural Hand Rubbed Linseed Oil Finish
  • A simple foldable system, switch from sofa to bed
  • Easy to put together


  • Higher price, but a high-quality crafted frame to last at the lifetime

Keep the handmade as a real value of human popularity. Beautiful artwork made by American craftsmen overcomes all your expectations.

A sofa bed comes in oak, cherry, and walnut wood patterns including, endless including size options, such as Twin Loveseat, Queen Loveseat, Queen, Full Loveseat, Full Double, and even a chair is available.

Key features

Hand Made in Pennsylvania by Amish Craftsmen

The fifth Futon Frame that we have chosen is different from the others because it’s handcrafted, by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania. Their work truly deserves admiration, due to proper access to renewable resources, and further, every piece of the lumbers comes from regional sources. The personal approach of Amish farmers lies in properly and carefully selecting trees for lumber, making to a futon frame.

Amish Full or Queen futon frame has a solid, durable, and hardwood construction, even more, the parts of the frame are inserted into each other using mortise and tenon joint. The arms and legs are then bolted to a v-groove corner block. Adding yet more strength the v-groove corner block is then glued with non-toxic water base glue into place.

It is handmade and that is visible also in the details, the frame is rubbed with hands and they used a natural linseed oil finish, this method provides a protective layer of the surface and adds a natural grain color wood.


Okinawa Bi-Fold Wood Futon Frame with Drawers


  • Japanese minimalism style
  • Includes Pull-Out Storage Drawers
  • Plenty of the storage space
  • Easy to switch from sofa to bed


  • Necessary space for pulling out the drawer

We will end our reviews with the last futon frame Okinawa Bi-Fold wooden futon frame. There are many reasons, why you should try this one. “Floating” design is the correct term for this futon bed. Inspiration comes from Japan and overall it looks elegant and timeless.

Key features

Besides its extraordinary appearance, it offers something extra, contrary to other sofa beds. There is a large pull-out drawer placed underneath the frame. It offers a load of storage space.

This double folding futon frame with a king-size futon mattress in a Japanese design provides enough space for a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. The multifunctional sofa bed allows you to switch the position of the sofa to the bed. At any time you need to change the purpose of a futon frame!



All the mentioned futon frames have key specifies and they differ in appearance from each other. However, they have the same purpose, to save space and make your room more spacious.

Our intention was to make your decision easier and bring you closer to each futon frame.

In the end, we want to give you a piece of valuable advice. How to keep the futon from sliding? Strata strips are a perfect and flawless solution. Strata strips need to be attached to the adhesive side of every other slat, then it ensures the futon is the mattress is firmly in place and serves as prevention from sliding and slipping. You can buy them extra.


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