Top 4 most expensive tatami mats and a futon from amazon! That will cost you a fortune, but will it worth it?

Where to start? It’s hard to say since we did a lot of posts about tatami or futon products in a lower price range. This is our first time that…

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Where to start? It’s hard to say since we did a lot of posts about tatami or futon products in a lower price range. This is our first time that we are doing a review of the expensive range of products.

It is also worth mentioning that sleeping on a firm or stiff surface can help with your lower back pain. It can also play a significant role in improving your sleeping habits and overall posture.

We have to mention, lack of reviews on the four chosen products can be a setback. But we took this as a great opportunity to try something that nobody tried before. Sometimes the brave ones are those who are lucky.

We as humans have to sleep every night, that is a pure fact. It is important in our health to have a good long and quality sleep during the night or during our daytime naps. To improve your chances of getting a night of quality sleep, you should invest in a tatami mat or a futon mattress. This investment can change your life, of course, you should at first try to sleep on a firm surface, and if you are happy with the results, try a tatami mat with a futon mattress.

KYT Hida Traditional Authentic Japanese Mat

Rich history is behind a Tatami mat, as you can see, there is a lot behind it. They have even been a symbol of comfort and luxury. Today the basic of a Tatami mat is kinda the same, but with our new technology advantages, there have been some changes made especially in manufacturing or in the overall visual appearance.

New methods of making but the materials are the same. Mainly natural-based materials are used. Moreover, the Yuyuliving Tatami mats are handmade by Kenji Yamada, he is an experienced craftsman.

This tatami mat is one of the expensive ranges, but it is worth all the money. Traditional values are fused with our modern style, take a look if you don’t believe us.

Key features:

  • Comfortable
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Act as a humidity controller and thermal insulator
  • May absorb toxins from the air
  • Very luxurious design
  • Each piece is handcrafted by Kenji Yamada

The best thing? Natural Igusa straws and compressed fiberboards are used by an experienced craftsman. And this special material has air purifying properties and it can help you to relax or just calm your mind!


Values from Japan! The yoyuliving tatami mats are the exact expression that you can find in Japan, to be more specific in the core of Japan. On top of that, all are handcrafted by Kenji Yamada. He can create a modern and yet minimalistic design.

Quality? All the materials are ECO-friendly and only natural materials are used. Handcrafted eco-friendly and they last a long time? What else can we add to this?

Hidden features, yeah! You are right, what hidden features can a tatami mat have? Well, in this case, it is the air purification and sound-absorbing properties! And yes it is surprisingly elastic.

The design is extraordinary, the main two designs are the KYT HIDA, and KYT KISO. The Hida is inspired by mountains, thus representing the traditional Japanese vibes and modern aesthetics. The Kiso on the other hand, mimics the movements of the kiso river thus reassembling round shapes.

For everybody, These tatami floors are a great fit for every household and they are very stylish. It can pure air from toxins, has sound-isolating properties, and can also prevent heat loss during winter times.

Japanese roots

As it was mentioned before, the tatami comes in two styles. Hida and KYT are inspired by Japanese culture. The unique nature can be found only in Japan. That was the inspiration for these beautiful and unique floor pieces.

KYT Kiso Traditional Authentic Japanese Mat

Similar to the first product, but with a different style, this is the Kiso Tatami mat. There are not many differences between these two tatami mats. Just the design everything else stays the same. The manofacturer the materials everything, top-notch eco-friendly, and of course, handcrafted by Kenji Yamada.

Key features:

  • Hing-end and luxurious design
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Comfortable and soft
  • May absorb toxins from the air
  • Each piece is handcrafted by Kenji Yamada

Wool Shikibuton/Futon Mattress, Tatami Mat

A futon mattress or a tatami mat? So many options. More to this can be both and it is filled with wool! Equipped with 4 durable zippers on all sides of the mattress. Adjusting the wool is easily done. If you want to add or remove some wool, just use the zipper. The stuffing is done by a certified wool Oeko.

If you look at the Amazon page here, you can see that there are a lot of size options. You can even choose from many fabric options also. And don’t forget about the 3 design options they offer.

Why wool you may ask, wool has many health benefits. It is a great heat regulator so no more hot summer or cold winters. Great for those who are sensitive to some chemicals or synthetic products. Overall, you won’t regret this mattress/tatami.

More features:

  • The mattress is equipped with two handles on each side for easy moving or flipping.
  • Due to wool stuffing, it can regulate your body temperature more effectively than other materials.
  • You will never feel hot or cold!
  • Longer and more quality sleep than ever!
  • Regulates your body moisture. No more sweat during nights.
  • It supports a healthy posture during sleep. This is thanks to the way of how are the springy wool fibers supporting bodyweight and isolates the motion during sleep. That’s, why you sleep on this mattress, will be uninterrupted.

ZHAS Japanese Futon Tatami Mat

This is a futon mat/tatami mat, which can be described as both. However, this item is shipped in a compressed package to make it small and easy to store or for shipping. That means after it arrives it is recommended to air it for at least 2 or 3 days. That should be enough for the mattress to regain its original thickness.

After the set period of 3 days, you can safely use the mattress as long as its lasts, and be sure it will be a long time and in all the seasons. The best part? IT IS FOLDABLE! If you decide to store it, just fold it. Whenever you using it, indoors or outdoors this hidden foldable superpower makes it super convenient. It can even become your travel buddy!

More details:

Comfort and even more comfort! ZHAS futon is made from pure high-quality polyester. With its moderate thickness of approximately 8 or 10 centimeters, it is great to support your spine.

Super comfortable and soft! Great for all seasons and will last for a long time! All the quilting is made tight so the filling is evenly distributed, which makes it so superior when we talk about how comfortable it truly is.

Wide versatility, it can be used as a bedroom futon or floor mattress even in your tent as a temporary mat, or just for sitting on the floor. The possibilities are almost endless here.


We know that the price range of these products is for some readers a setback. But take this as our experiment! The tatami may seem too expensive, or the futon mattress but keep in your mind that it is hand-made! And made from organic materials. The quality itself can speak for itself thanks to the fact that it is handmade and in this price range, it can’t be a bad product.

We honestly think that owning one of these mats can be beneficial for your home or sleeping habits. Let us definitely know in the comments if you tried one of these or any tatami mat. We can’t wait for your answers!

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