Top 4 best-selling TATAMI MAT with a surprise!

What is a tatami mat? Let’s talk about tatami mats. Did you ever hear about it before? If not you always can learn more. For those who are in hurry,…

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What is a tatami mat?

Let’s talk about tatami mats. Did you ever hear about it before? If not you always can learn more. For those who are in hurry, here is the first one, second and third product, for the surprise click here. To put it in one picture, tatami is a mat made from rice straws and it is a traditional Japanese flooring in rooms. The core itself is tightly woven with a soft “rush” that is another type of straw.

An interesting fact is, how they measure their rooms. It is of course by using tatami mats since their size is a standard rectangle. Simply by saying how many mats will fit in the room, you have the correct size.

In the traditional Japanese house, you will find mostly just the tatami floor instead of a carpet. This is due to the environment that is more humid and the tatami mats can absorb it quite effectively. At the bottom line, it fits the Japanese climate.

Unfortunately, you don’t find them that often these days. Probably due to the price and the fact that they are easily damaged. Placing legged furniture onto them is not the greatest idea since the legs can tear it apart.

They can also teach us something, especially foreigners. You can quickly learn that it is a big NO-NO to walk inside the house with shoes. One must simply take their shoes off when entering a house.

Japanese people consider their home a sacred place. Oh, and they also sit on the floor and especially on the tatami floor.

Sound interesting right? let’s jump in and see what we can find on Amazon. Of course, we will keep the price reasonable and we going to mind the reviews as always.

And at the end, we picked up something that goes well with the flooring and it is minimalistic as always 🙂

How we choose the best tatami mats for you?

As you can see we choose 3 tatami mats and one meditation bench because we thought you may like them and it fits very well as decor to your dream room. The final products that go to this list are chosen by these key features

  • Public demand
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Brand and quality
  • Customer reviews

Public demand

We searched around the world wide web for the best picks that are in current demand. It was the public demand that was the main focus of our search. In the end, our team of experts chooses the Amazon website as the best pick.

What we kept in mind during selection is the availability and the possibility of worldwide shipping.


Our price goal was to keep it under 150$ which we kept on three products. One however surpassed our price goal but for a good reason. As you will see it is a set of a mat and a futon mattress. Considering this we allowed one exception in our product picks.


The next step that our team has focused on while creating the list, was the rating from customers. These reviews helped us to choose the right products for you. Our team read a lot of reviews and then compared the products with those that were similar and kept just the best choice. So we can be confident by offering them to you.

Brand and quality

Last but not least, what matters to us the most is the brand and quality! These mats may be unusual for the average customer or even some people never heard about them. But our goal is also to spread the Japanese culture among common people. We’ve stated the products from reputable brands that offer full customer satisfaction with their quality and support. 

MustMat Japanese Traditional Tatami Mat

Let us talk about some basic properties of the tatami mat from MustMat. It fits perfectly for meditation or yoga. You can easily create your own little zen place. Can also be used as an oriental rug on the floor. It will also get you connected with nature since it is 100% made from rush grass and is comfortable and firm.

Thanks to its folding properties, it is really easy to fold it and make a temporary cushion. We recommend it also under the traditional Japanese futons.

And of course, don’t forget about the back problems. According to a study from 2015 sleeping on a floor or firm mattress can help to cure your back problems.

Key Specifications:

  • It is the best choice for those who love to sleep on hard platforms.
  • The surface is 100% rush grass.
  • Easy to fold, to store, or for transportation.

More details!

Made from rush grass! Rush grass could have a specific strong smell and some people find it too strong. Also, there are individual differences between each tatami mat that was made. If you find yourself in this situation, it is more than easy to fix this. Let it just air for a day or two in a very well ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight. This can soften the strong smell of the mat although it does not disappear completely.

Do you sleep on a hard surface? This will suit you more than well! If this is not the case, but you still want to try it, you need to know, that you will need a few nights to get used to it.

Easy to fold! We mean really easy. It folds up for carrying or to fit inside the closet or just to carry it outside for airing. Transportation is not an issue.

How to take care? When you want to wipe off dust, the only thing you need is a soft cloth. Always make sure that you move the cloth along the seam. After that, you can repeat the process with a wet towel, and then just dry it in a well-ventilated place. Try to avoid direct sunlight because it can damage the mat.


  • Easy to carry around!
  • Made from 100% natural rush grass!
  • By folding you can make a sofa!


  • The smell can be too strong for some users.
  • Can be damaged by furniture.

FULI Japanese Traditional Igusa

This is the traditional tatami mat made in Japan. Made from 100% rush grass. Suits as a beautiful decor or as a mat under a futon mattress. Could be used to set a relaxation slash meditation room or as a yoga mat.

The rush grass has grown in Japan and these mats are made by Japanese craftsmen. thanks to that it can carry you to another dimension and the particular smell will help you to achieve a well-rested perk for the whole day!

Key specifications:

  • Made from 100% rush grass that has grown in Japan.
  • Can be folded in three.
  • Tatami mat size 39 x 0.5 x 75 inches (99 x 12,7 x 190cm)

Going more in-depth!

Use it as an oriental rug! This will fit perfectly as a floor decoration or just as a rug. The mat is also Hygroscopic and Breathable! You can easily make your own meditation room with these mats. If you own more than one, just by placing them together you can create a whole floor!

Can be used under the traditional Japanese futons or just go under a regular mattress too.

This mat will definitely provide maximum comfort!


  • Made from natural rush grass!
  • Made by Japanese craftsmen!
  • The smell of the rush grass!


  • Could be hard to get used to it.
  • The smell can be too strong for individual people.
  • Can be damaged by furniture.

EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress CLASSE and Foldable Tatami Mat (Igusa Mattress)

The EMOOR’s well-known and best-selling futon mattress (CLASSE) in a set with a Tatami mat is the perfect combination for bringing Japanese culture to your house.

Live the minimalism at the fullest, you can completely hide your bed since both the futon mattress and the tatami mat are foldable. You can simply hide and compactly store it in a closed!

Imagine, at night it is a bedroom but when the morning comes, it could be anything! You don’t need a large frame, try to live simple and minimalistic you will love it!

Key specifications:

  • The futon mattress and the Tatami mat are both foldable!
  • The mattress is made from firm polyester covered by soft quilted pads from the bottom and top.
  • The mattress is covered with 100% natural cotton.
  • It is made in Japan by experienced craftsmen!
  • The Tatami mat is made from natural rush grass
  • It absorbs and releases the moisture
  • Easy to fold!
  • Can be used also as a yoga mat!
  • Futon Mattress size: 55x79x2.5in (140x200x6cm), Tatami Mat size: 55x79x0.4in (140x200x1cm)

Further details ahead!

The mattress is made by experienced Japanese craftsmen. The quality supports that! The outer fabric of the mattress is made from 100% natural cotton, it supports firmly but touches softly and naturally.

It is more than a bed, you can use it for camping if you want or in a college dorm or even in a guest room! It is simple and minimalistic also easy to carry or hide. This is the Japanese bedding style.

Tatami mat can accompany you to your picnic adventures or even help you to achieve your yoga goals!

How to care! The Futon mattress is non-washable. You have to just dry it under the sun or in a well-ventilated room, but the best bet will be on a sunny day. It is also recommended to use a cover for the futon which is not included in this set. Then you just wash the cover and air the futon regularly or when needed.

How to care for the tatami mat? The tatami mat is a non-washable product. The difference here is you cant put the tatami mat under direct sunlight. It has to be dried in a shade in a well-ventilated area. You can also use a dry cloth to clean it but remember you have to wide along the grain.


  • It is a set of futon mattress and a tatami mat at a reasonable price
  • Made by Japanese craftsman
  • Made from natural cotton and rush grass
  • Easy to fold and carry around or store


  • It is a set so it could be expensive for someone

BLUECONY IKUKO Original Meditation Bench

This chair is an alternative to the traditional chairs that we know. We love minimalism, and that is the reason why we are including this beautiful chair/bench in our article.

The IKUKO is handmade in Quebec, it guarantees you freedom of movement and it is a dam good ergonomic chair.

You can use it during working, reading, or eating at a low table or at any activity you name it, you can do it! This chair will definitely set you apart from the others!

What are the benefits of using this chair?

Can Improve Posture!

  • The open sitting angle between the thigh and torso and the kneeling position allows the back to automatically straighten up so the spine balances properly over the pelvis, rediscovering its natural curve decreasing damaging compressive loads on the low back.
  • A free torso having to balance itself engages, trains, and strengthens core muscles and reduces tendencies to slouch.

Increases Oxygen Levels and Ability to Focus

  • This sitting, position similar to walking upright, frees the lungs and upper organs and allows for deeper breathing.
  • The open chest makes breathing easy, improving oxygen levels for a better circulation of your energy and a general feeling of well-being.
  • Increased oxygen supply and intuitive comfort subconsciously result in improved concentration and ability to focus.

Increased Circulation

  • Because the body’s weight is evenly distributed, circulation in the legs is improved and heaviness and swelling from stale sitting are avoided.
  • Minimal to no pressure on knees and leg joints allowing them to relax without going numb.

Key specifications:

  • It supports a natural position for your spine while sitting
  • Very minimalistic look
  • It is handmade
  • Comes in three high options and two color options
  • Easy to disassemble for traveling or to store it

Looking for more?

This is the best minimalistic looking and ergonomic sitting bench. Just by sitting on it, you will put your spine in a perfect position. All the back tension is gone and your body could relax!

You don’t need a cushion since this is perfectly designed to provide optional comfort. It is made and designed in a local massive wild cherrywood in Quebec.

THREE hight options! This also depends on your flexibility and height.

Seiza position! It is the siting when the angle between the thigh and the torso is open. This allows the back to be straightened. It will decrease the tension in the lower back and leads to better blood circulation.

Easy to travel only because of the designs of it. Just by dismantling both the legs. Then slip all the pieces into the cotton travel bag and you can go!

All the benches are tested manually before shipping to ensure the legs are adjusted correctly.

Great for many activities including yoga or for teachers.


  • Great for yoga
  • Comes in two color options
  • Great for relaxation and body posture improvements
  • three heigh option are available


  • Heavy

What are you waiting for?

If you ever visited Japan and you want to recreate the rooms you saw there this is the opportunity to take. Some users describe the smell as something they wish that lasts forever since it has relaxing properties.

You will get a lot for the price, the build quality is surprising according to the reviews for all the products. All the mats are firm, made from true and natural rush grass.

Overall it is an outstanding value. Many people find it very comfortable especially during summertime. Using it in a guest room or just put some pillows on it and relax.

A great use for those who want to use it for yoga instead of sleeping on it. These mats could fold. To store them was never been easier the before.

One room can have more purposes. Think about it. You can create a nice sunny living room where you can have your free time activities or practice yoga. Then when you feel tired or you just want to go to sleep, just reveal the secret and suddenly you have your bedroom.


Pain in the back, sore body? Maybe it’s time for you to change your sleeping habits. Or just be brave and try something new in your life! What can you lose? Nothing you can do just gain something. You won’t believe how little is enough to change your life completely. Be brave!

Keep your hands on the above mentioned best-selling tatami mats and try something new!

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