Top 3 Natural Futon Frame. That offers more than you think!

We made this article, as a short guide of 3 carefully chosen authentic products. Futon Frame in combination with a futon mattress creates a perfectly harmonious mixture. Now, you have…

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We made this article, as a short guide of 3 carefully chosen authentic products. Futon Frame in combination with a futon mattress creates a perfectly harmonious mixture. Now, you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy that.

More interesting products are hidden in our previous articles, including the futon frame post, called 3 Types of FUTON FRAME: Which One, Will make you happy? Let’s grab some of the Japanese living style furniture!

KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon in Full-size

The Studio Bifold has really cared about the quality of reworking this unique piece of furniture. A well-thought-out method for multi-purpose use. Thanks to construction, a frame offers 4 adjustable positions. It primarily serves as a couch, however, it can change for a full bed. Moreover, a set of sturdy wheels on the back site provide easy manipulation.

During in-production, durable and robust wood played a role. The frame is made from Tulip Poplar with an unfinished surface coating that adds a unique natural look and authentic feel of nature.

Besides this, we truly appreciate the sustainability side of this product. Understanding the environmental impact is perfectly handled because the frame is chemical-free and eco-friendly.

At first sight, the wooden futon frame reflects a clean design that can be easily combined in the interior.

The great news is that it supports up to 600 pounds, thus it can provide enough durability.

The obvious fact is how it saves space. Feel of spacious and open space is guaranteed.

You have to fold the frame, but don’t worry, you can do it, no problem!

Assembled Product Dimensions: 10” H x 74” W x 54.55” D

Kodiak Monterey Futon Frame in Barbados color

Any decision may have an impact on following steps in the future, for that we try to make the process of carefully choosing the best furniture for you.

Sofa or bed? You can decide for both of them. The ability to change different use of purposes in one product is amazing. Even more, when the frame offers many variabilities of position. The adjustable back is really elaborated in detail since it offers 3 position options. You can choose from a sitting or lounge position, or even when it completely unfolds it is a full-fledged standard bed. Nevertheless, a futon frame in a combination with a Japanese futon mattress creates an amazing whole serve for any activities.

The construction of the futon frame is made from durable hardwood, that grows on the plantation. Guarantees of comfort and luxury, while you enjoy it.

We believe that you will like the simple and easy assemble, which do not require any special knowledge. But, another good news is that a Barrel Nut and Bolt Hardware are included in this package.

Product dimensions: 79 x 37 x 33 inches

Mozaic Futon Mattress suede gray color in Queen-size

Let’s try something amazing! The subtle shade of gray with a suede upholstered fabric.

A futon is ideally placed on a queen-size futon frame or platform or even if you have a traditional tatami, you can use them under the mattress.

If some product belongs to excellent work, then the type of this futon mattress is one of them. Due to high-quality processing and use of materials. The way of manufacturing is remarkable because it’s a mix of many various fibers. Futon includes sueded polyester, convoluted foam, cotton fiber, polyester fiber, pocket coil, and gel foam.

As you may notice, it’s a coil mattress, known as a pocket coil or pocket spring mattress. Each innerspring pocket coil is wrapped in fabric.

Besides this, the cold gel component utilizes wrapped 15-gauge pocket coil inner springs with layers of foam, gel, cotton fiber, and polyester fiber. A half-inch layer of gel foam keeps you cool, during a night’s sleep.

The whole fill structure of the futon directly contributes to improving posture, prevents back pain, and maintenance the body in the proper position.

Vacuum packing provides against damage, but it comes misshaped. Let it just air it for a few days and the futon returns to its original size.

In case of a dirty futon use a cloth in combination with a mild detergent and cold water. Proper care is essential!

All mentioned above futon frames have a positionable and foldable back. We choose this futon mattress intentionally because they fit together perfectly.

Dimensions: 10″ H x 80″ W x 60″ D


To create an extraordinary interior with a piece of amazing eyes-catch furniture is a real challenge. Make the right decisions, finding inspiration, and choose from endless possibilities is a long journey.

As time goes by, things change. For that, our motivation lies in making your life easier because the furniture has a direct impact on the quality of living.

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