Review of the 5 Best Futon mattresses for sleeping.

RIGHT NOW! This is your time for a great choice of the Best Futon Mattresses. Why don’t try something new? Life is too short. You might have heard or seen…

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RIGHT NOW! This is your time for a great choice of the Best Futon Mattresses. Why don’t try something new? Life is too short.

You might have heard or seen the space problems around you. Where all the prices of homes and flats are increasing, limited space is becoming a significant issue. If you’re one of those struggling to find a comfortable room, a futon mattress can be the perfect solution for you! You can pair it with the folding bed, and your problem is solved. Are you still not convinced enough? Worry no more! We’re here with this ultimate guide about the best futon mattresses where stepwise knowledge will open ways for you. Let’s start the guide!

Before starting, one might ask why to shift on a futon mattress when he can have the standard bed as well? The answer might include plenty of reasons. But the few topmost include the comfort and convenience you get from these. 

There is one-half of working Americans suffering from back pain problems. And part of these statistics, experts are claiming that 80% of the population will get back pain somewhere in their life. Let’s just lower these numbers by bringing a fix into our hands. And that’s where the best futon mattress jumps into the business!

A futon mattress is thin and way more comfortable! It gives immense back support and relaxes you.

Gone are the days where you need to take off from work due to pain in the spine! Get a proper alignment to reduce the pain via these mattresses. But what are the futon mattresses in actuality? If you don’t know the basics of them, let’s start from scratch and help you find the best futon mattress!

Quick Summary


Natural Cotton Mattress


  • Natural and chemical-free medium
  • Organic cotton with Micro coils
  • Anti-microbial
  • Soft cotton lace tufts
  • 15-20 years life expected

Are you looking for something more natural and less toxic? Then this pure comfort all-natural mattress is what you need in your bedroom or living room. Apart from its cotton build, the 733 Micro-coils are changing the overall game. Get some optimum support and care with this rugged-quality sleeping mattress!

All Natural Virgin Wool

Do you wonder why your back pain is increasing with each passing day? You might not be getting the right support from your mattress! If so, let’s shift to an All-Natural American Grown Cotton with multiple layers to have some additional support. 

Not only will you get the right support but the right temperature as well. The cotton layers are dust and mite-resistant to have a longer life span. No need to worry about the fires anymore when you have this fire-resistant fluffy sleeping thing in your room.

Made From Organic Cotton

Mattresses usually have a considerable weight! But the same is not the case here. This Pure Comfort Mattress has a filling of American Grown Cotton, which is breathable and lightweight. This way, proper air circulation will be the plus feature for this Futon Mattress. 

Also, you can get rid of irritation and allergic reactions on your skin. Breathable cotton further makes sure that you get served with the folding option as well.

MicroCoils Construction

Get the perfect bounce and flexibility at the same time! This Micro Coil design of Pure Comfort Mattress ensures a firm and bouncy design to soothe the spine. It allows the freedom of movement in every sleeping position by adjusting the coils as per the body weight. 

Pure comfort also ensures you top-notch quality comfort and care for all body types. Thus, made from 1300 tiny coils and a joined micro coil system, no one will suffer back problems anymore.

Natural and Chemical Free

Pure Comfort Futon Mattress will be the best-suited choice for you in organic and chemical-free construction. Imagine waking up on a summer night with some itching or sweat on your back! It’ll not be a good feeling at all. Hence, there are no chemicals to irritate or harm your skin- all-natural and refreshing!


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chemical Free
  • Temperature regulating wool
  • Micro Coil design
  • Double tempered steel


  • Only a white color option


Teddy Natural Wool Mattress


  • 100% Chemical free
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Water repellent wool
  • Added protection and support
  • Natural fire retardant fabric
  • All season mattress

Are you in need of a Futon Mattress that’ll keep you cozy all year long? Get yourself this 8’’All Wool Teddy Natural Mattress, which helps you sleep and rest. By rest, we mean the proper optimum support and pressure that you need to align your spine. 

Chemical-free and fire retardant features will prove as useful features to help you arrive at a decision.

Features in Detail:

8″ All Wool Futon Mattress:

Teddy Bear has come up with something new and different this time! All Wool mattress has an 8-inches thickness, which will keep you cozy and warm all year long. The wool material is filed in a manner to keep your spine aligned and straight at night time.

Hence, this Virgin Wool Mattress will never go harsh on your back. Also, there will be no off-gas, which ensures you long-lasting comfort without any worry. Fold it the way you like for an extra portability option!

Temperature Control:

Have you ever heard about temperature control wool? If not, here is the Teddy Bear Mattress. This sleeping futon is made up of American Grown Virgin Wool, which adjusts its temperature as per the environment. 

This way, you’ll get enough warm and cozy feel in winters while a refreshing cold feels in summers. This feature also contributes to making this mattress an all –year long sleeping Futon!

Dust and Mite Resistant:

No matter what you’re living in what place, these dust, and mites will find their way to ruin the cotton. Not anymore now! Teddy Bear All Wool Futon presents you with the comforting cotton+ wool combination, which is reliable enough to resist such mites. 

Apart from the inner cotton, the Organic outer fabric is free from harmful chemicals to reduce itching and irritation on the skin. Soft yet supportive are the critical features for this All-Natural Best Futon Mattress.  

Moisture Repellent:

No one from you might want to ruin the investment! That’s where this Teddy Bear Mattress comes your way. It has a natural repellent fabric that keeps the moisture away in every season. Moreover, some added support comes with the Natural Crimp and Fire Retardant attribute of this Futon.


  • GOTS certified cotton fabric
  • Temperature controlled wool
  • No chemicals
  • Natural moisture repellent


  • No cons reported yet


EcoSupport Pure Latex Mattress


  • Natural and chemical-free
  • 733 pocket coils
  • Dust resistant fabric
  • Pressure relief design
  • No off-gassing

Are you not satisfied with our top 2 choices in the best Futon mattress category? Here goes the EcoSupport Pure Latex bed, which has three distinct features to amaze you! Apart from the excellent comfort and support, this Eco Support has a Chemical Free Dunlop latex onboard, which leaves all the similar products behind in the race. 

Let’s delve into the detailed features for this EcoSupport Pure Latex:

Features in Detail:

100% Dunlop Latex Layers:

Dunlop latex layers are the key feature for this all-purpose mattress! These layers offer a variety of choices, including soft to medium and sometimes hard as well. Different densities for the Dunlop Latex will decide for the softness and flexibility. 

Apart from this, an airflow design serves as a perfect combination, and these latex layers give you the right amount of pressure you need to prevent backache. Isn’t a fully supportive futon mattress for you?

Micro Coils Construction:

When it comes to design and comfort, EcoSupport will never disappoint you! The Micro Coils are placed inside the pockets of 4,” which keeps them firm and stable. These pockets further ensure the safety of coils as well to last longer.

Thus, made up of 1300 tiny coils altogether, this comforting mattress is the right choice for those who are looking for some relief after a long hectic day while sleeping.

Medium Firmness:

The firmness level is one thing you need to take care of before buying a futon mattress! This Futon from the EcoSupport comes with a medium level of firmness. This feature improved the degree of freedom and versatility of this sleeping bed. 

Why is it so? The reason behind this fact is you can have the perfect support for your hips, knees, shoulders, and in fact, full-body optimal care. No matter what your body size is, the mattress is going to fit every one of you!


  • Natural latex construction
  • Chemical-free virgin wool
  • Temperature control fabric
  • 4″ packed coils
  • 2″ natural latex core


  • Latex can heat up in summers


Eco Pure Wool Mattress


  • 100% Dunlop Latex
  • No chemical virgin wool
  • Humanely Raised Sheep wool
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Medium-firm for heavyweight support

Do you want to own a futon frame but are not able to find something suitable for it? Next on our list is the Eco Pure Wool Mattress, which can be the best-suited choice for you! But why? There are plenty of reasons to keep your hands on the firmly made sleeping bed. 

100% Natural Dunlop Latex and chemical-free virgin wool are a few of them! Eco Pure further has the right firmness level to offer support and care for the backbone. Apart from providing the optimal support, you’ll get the right amount of flexibility and pliability to get some Futon-related benefits!

Features in Detail:

Affordable Comfort Option:

There are plenty of brands in the market looking for some action! Eco Pure has come a long way and is still serving the customers with its virgin cotton feel and a non-toxic fabric. This supremely comfortable mattress features the Dunlop Latex core of 2-inches in size, which not only vouch for the extended lifetime of the mattress but a pressure release phenomenon. 

This particular attribute has made it easy for the person suffering from back pain to opt for this top-notch quality futon.

No More Allergies:

Many are allergic to some kind of wool or fabric. Let’s get rid of this! Eco Pure has got its name from the ultra-pure and chemical-free fabric. Not only is the material, but the Virgin Cotton is certified from the GOTS, which ensures no pesticide usage as well. 

Thus, this dust mite-resistant wool, along with the soft and fluffy cotton fabric, reduces the chances of any rash or allergy.

Constant Reflex:

What if this futon mattress doesn’t have Micro Coil technology! You’ll get superior reflex motion, which supports the special protection as well as care for your joints. While sleeping, you’ll get a soft and fluffy feel due to the pressure release phenomenon. These attributes have made it a clear choice for the ones suffering from some joint pain or backache.

Natural Latex:

As promised, Eco Pure Latex Mattress is free from any kind of chemicals and preservatives! So the latex core that offers a massive load-bearing ability is made up of the all-natural trees’ sap. Forget about the shoulder, neck, and joint pain as the hypoallergenic latex have enough power to support the airflow for a superb pressure release.  


  • Supportive Dunlop Latex
  • Medium firm level
  • Non-toxic wool
  • Perfect for more than 230 lbs. of weight


  • No coil technology


Comfort Rest Natural Latex Mattress


  • Chemical-free build
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Organic cotton + natural latex
  • 15-20 years of expected life
  • Pesticide-free USDA certified cotton

There is nothing like a combination of Natural Latex Core with the USDA organic cotton! This comfort Rest Futon mattress is one of its kind with its unique and well-made quality. One of the top-notch futon sleeping beds, this mattress is also featuring the natural crimp phenomenon for an active pressure release. 

Along with superior comfort, you get the firm support you need for your back pain.

Features in Detail:

USDA Certified Organic Cotton:

One of the significant contributors to futon mattresses is cotton! Comfort Rest brand has taken care of this feature and presents you with the All-natural USDA Certified Cotton. They form various layers of cotton to create a breathable material at the end, which supports enough airflow to replace the memory foam in your living room. 

No matter if you’re going to use it on the futon frame or a regular bed, this purely luxurious mattress will fulfill your needs!

Pure Dunlop Latex:

No more preservatives and chemicals in the futon mattress pave its way in most of the houses! Comfort your back with a 2-inches core of Pure Dunlop Latex. The material is not just hypoallergenic but gives you an alternative to memory foam. The right amount of bounce and flexibility further ensures your superior pressure point relief.


When it comes to soothing the body muscles and joints, here comes the firmness level to consider! Comfort Rest has come up with a fully FIRM level of the mattress, ideal for back-sleepers. It’ll prevent your spine from misalignment and, in turn, sleep disruption.


  • Natural plant’s latex
  • America.
  • No allergies and rash
  • Constant reflex for joints


  • Can be hard for some

What Are Futon Mattresses?

The Futon is a traditional style of bedding that came from Japan. The setup consists of two units. And the critical part is, both the units are pliable enough to be folded. That’s the aim of these futon mattresses. A futon mattress sits firmly on a futon frame. 

The frame itself can get in two shapes, either the sofa or the bed. You can save some space in the daytime by turning it into a couch while having a goodnight’s sleep at night on the bed. Now, you know the structure of the futon bedding. But have you ever wondered what makes them so soft and pliable? Let’s get onto that!

When it comes to filling, the futon mattresses usually had the reeds, hay, or sometimes animal hair in the past. Now, the tables are tuned for these comfy beddings. These are filled with high-quality springs and foam, which gives a winning combination to provide you the comfort at night. 

What’s unique in these mattresses is their thickness. These are very thin as compared to the standard ones without compromising their purpose. It means you’re not going to get discomfort and ache while lying on these. But their less thickness offers more functionality!

You can use it as a primary place to rest on or utilize it as complete bedding at night. Apart from the bedroom, you can place them in your living room and studio apartments where they’ll serve a great purpose. 

What Are These Futon Mattresses Made Up Of?

The next question in the pipeline might be the material or type of element that makes these futon mattresses more reliable? Let’s blow the dust from this most common query! The kind of material that makes the futon mattresses include polyester and cotton. 

The cotton makes the inner and outer covering while the polyester has more support in the outer cover only. Next up is the foam, which provides the primary comfort experience. There are different types of foams that most of the brands are using for these best futon mattresses.

Should You Buy These Futon Mattresses?

The answer to this question might vary with each different personality. But in general, the futon mattresses offer your portability and commence at the same time. Combine it with the folding bed, and you’re good to go! I’ll solve the space problem as well as the backache. 

There are a few considerations before you buy a futon mattress for yourself. But right off the bat, these mattresses have the potential to give you prolonged comfort in an average price range. Thus, depending on all the needs, using these mattresses, budget, and preference, the best product can vary for all! 

Hence, to save you from extensive research and confusion, we’re presenting you with the factors you need to take care of while buying these for you.

How Have We Chosen These Best Futon Mattresses?

As you’ve seen, the list below for the best futon mattress available right now in the market. But choosing them was not an easy task to do! There are a lot of critical elements that come along when considering these comfy picks for your home. 

The same goes for us as well! Our experts have devoted a fair share of time to getting the list of best-suited products in this regard. What we’ve focused on while making a list is here as follows!

Variety and Demand:

Public demand is the main foundation of the product! Our experts have dug deeply into the needs and choices of people towards these futon mattresses. As there are different kinds of materials, thicknesses, and feelings associated with every type, the process became much more tricky. But we’ve come up with the best ones for you. 

Customer Reviews:

The next thing our team has focused on while listing the best futon mattress is the customer reviews. These reviews have helped us get the right and comfy bedding for you. 

Brand and Quality:

Last but not least, what matters to us the most is the brand and quality! These mattresses might not have the same selling and demands as the standard mattresses have, but the brand’s choice is still the key. We’ve stated the products from reputable brands that offer full customer satisfaction with their quality and support. 

Considerations For Best Futon Mattresses – Buying Guide:

While searching for the best futon mattresses, you might come along with various choices. All of these futon mattresses will be best on their terms and at their place. 

Picking up the right one can be a little confusing for you. But we won’t let that happen to you! Here are some of the critical factors you need to take care of while buying the best-selling futon mattresses. Let’s start with the guide:

Factors to consider before buying futon mattresses:

Purpose of Futon:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the purpose of your purchase. Think of how often the guests arrive at your place, and you need this Futon? On the other hand, are you looking to buy it as an additional bedding or the main sleep bed? The answer to all these questions will give you a quick insight into what you exactly want!

For example, you won’t need to spend much on the futon mattress if you’ll use it seldom. Hence, you can buy a cotton-filled futon. While on the other hand, if you’re looking for every night’s sleep mattress, then go for the premium quality. You can opt for the coil-filled and spring-based futon mattress that will endure the heavyweight easily.

Also, keep it firmly in your mind that failing to choose the right futon mattress can lead to some severe problems. It can cause misalignment of your spine and causes backache. Hence, spending a few more dollars on quality won’t cost you much!

Comfort and Convenience:

Right off the bat, comfort is what you need as the priority! What comfort means here? The comfort belongs to sitting in the right posture for hours and still not getting the backache.

The comfort also means that you get a good night’s sleep in your bed without changing many sides the whole night. Remember, comfort is not just about rest but your long-term health as well. 

Hence, consider buying a futon mattress that goes well with your convenience and comfort level. Some of you might like the cotton filled while others will opt for the spring-based one. 

Also, the materials that are going to craft the mattress will determine the comfort level. So, make sure the outer material used to prepare the mattress is well-made of rich fabric and top-notch sewing. 

So before getting your hands on the right one, make sure it serves dual purposes as it’s not a regular mattress but a Futon!

Thickness and Pliability:

Next up in our consideration list includes the thickness as well as the pliability factor! Both might seem different but are similar, though. The Futon mattress must have sufficient thickness to get the right level of comfort. But at the same time, it must have some flexibility to fold up!

There are a few considerations for you in this regard. If you’re going to buy a futon mattress for your wooden bed, then you should go for a thicker one to fit well in the structure.

For instance, a futon mattress having 7 or 8-inches of thickness can be the best-suited choice for all adults. Secondly, you can go for the 6-inches thickness, which is suitable for the sofa as well as a bed. 

Another factor that counts is how heavy the person will sleep on this futon mattress! Hence, the universal rule applies here, i.e., the heavier the person, the thicker should be the mattress.

Look and Aesthetics:

Apart from comfort and convenience, you’ll not want to ruin the look of your room! That’s where the aesthetics of a futon mattress come into play! So, don’t forget to consider its appearance apart from the structure. There are two choices for you in this regard. 

At first, you can buy spring-based mattresses. But a significant problem that hurdles the way is their de-shaping. 

They lose their shape and form in a short time.

On the other hand, the cotton-filled mattresses will remain in shape for the longest but have their drawbacks regarding comfort.

Another new category is the memory Futon Foam! This type of Futon mattresses can maintain its shape and is sustainable to a whole new level.

Folding Pieces:

Futon mattresses are known for their pliability and portability! There are mainly two kinds of futon mattresses right now in the market, including the bi and tri-folding layers. In the case of bi-fold, you’re going to get the two folds. 

While in the case of tri-fold, you can get the three layers after folding. Both of these types correspond to the amount of space that each mattress will occupy.

The number of folds also depends on the frame build quality and construction. Keep in mind the frame’s shape and size before selecting the number of folds for your futon mattress.

The frame is Important:

As discussed in the previous section, the frame plays a significant role in selecting the right kind of futon mattress. Do you wonder why? First of all, it is not convenient to top the premium quality wooden frame with a low-grade mattress. Moreover, what comes next is fitting! If you’re unable to fit the mattress in the frame, it’ll be useless.

In the case of the frame, there are two choices available. You can either buy the wooden composite or get the board frame material for your room. It all depends on the usage and the quality you want!


Back pain and strain in the body muscles is common thing for many of us! This situation elevates further when we have the wrong sleeping bed at home. Let’s just not let that happen anymore! A futon mattress is one such solution that ensures optimal support for your back and offers you the flexibility for folding. 

Keep your hands on the above-mentioned best-selling futon mattress and ease your sleep at night!



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