Minimalistic and yet mind-blowing 5 Japanese furniture, TATAMI MAT, CHAIRS and ZENS TABLE from Amazon

What makes Japanese furniture that interesting? The greatest difference between our way of living and the way of living in traditional Japan is in the details and the simplicity of…

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What makes Japanese furniture that interesting?

The greatest difference between our way of living and the way of living in traditional Japan is in the details and the simplicity of the design. Symmetry and inspirations come from mother nature. Their house decor is not about excessive decoration, they aim to keep it simple.

Even the architecture and the interior design draw their inspiration in craftmanship. Japanese furniture gives our home a more simple, aesthetic, and practical look. The practical side of Japanese furniture can give you a totally new order for your day or even make you happy just because of how simple and practical can a piece of furniture be.

Look for perfection in nature!

Japanese furniture is more than often inspired by nature itself. Designers finds their inspirations in the transition between lines in nature. Look always for the transition between the asymmetric and irregular or regular patterns. That is the base for all the Japanese furniture.

The harmonious relations, that are the key. Well balanced and well crafted, made by craftsmanship traditions, that is the description of all Japanese furniture pieces.

The Harmony

Japanese furniture is basically a lifestyle. If you decide to design your own home in this style, mind that all the furniture pieces you choose must create harmony. Every fabric and interior furniture should be carefully selected for the home. If selected correctly, the functional and beautiful harmony of things should be visible.

House with Japanese furniture will always keep any visitor curious, it will definitely make you happy because imagine, waking up and all that surround you have a little touch of nature itself.

Why we choose these products?

So we hope that our little pep-talk helped you to decide to own some Japanese furniture pieces. These five products were carefully selected and thought over and over. They passed our selection process. We look mainly at these key features.

  • Public demand
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Brand and quality

Public demand

Look for the keyword “Japanese furniture” these products will appear as currently most wanted. Our picks cames from the amazon website. The range of products there is endless. It is a great starting point for someone who wants to try a new way of life or fell in love with Japanese styled furniture. Worldwide shipping is a must in these days also the availability. We took all this in our minds during making these selections.

Let’s talk money!

If you don’t own any Japanese style furniture and yet you decide to try some and buy a piece or two, you don’t want to spend a lot. That is why our most expensive product on this list is under the 200 dollars price tag. Of course, there is the shipping price, but that depends on the country you live in.

Number of stars, the RATING

We set our price goal, the next thing was to look for all the reviews. There is no perfect product on this planet. Keep that in mind, these products have a healthy amount of ratings and user experiences. We also always look for the pictures provided by users and any other reviews on other forums. After all of that, you can be sure that these products are worth the price and are the best for newbies or just to add to your collection.

Brand and quality

Never owned a piece of Japanese furniture before? It is never too late! These brands make decent products. As for the quality, it is also decent, you will never regret your decision. Of course, this style is not for everyone in the world, but if you make it this far, we are sure that at least one product will catch your eye. What else to add? Just sit back and read, lets dive in!

EMOOR Japanese Igusa Unit Tatami Mat

The best way to cover your floor! This simple tatami mat from “IRODORI” is the best choice for starters. It brings a nice touch of nature to your room, always be barefoot on floors like this! If you interested in the whole TATAMI culture click right here.

The base of the tatami mat is created by a smooth surface made of rush grass also known as “Igusa”. Igusa is used for covering the base. The base of this tatami mat is made from polyethylene & polystyrene.

More specs about the inner filling. The firm foam used for the base gives a great balance between firm and soft cushioning. The mat will also decrease the noise for the downstairs and it can do it even the thickness is around 1 inch.

These mats feel smooth, they can help to adjust the humidity in the room, that is their natural superpower. Besides that, they have great heat insulation and air purification abilities. No wonder that tatami mats are loved all across Japan for more than 1000 years.

The last thing you have to do is just take off your shoes and walk on them. Just doing that, these floors can make magic happen!

Want to know more?

The basic product description:

  • [Dimension] 32 x 32 x 1in (82 x 82 x 2.5cm) x 4 pieces set * The size may be slightly different.
  • [Materials] Surface: 100% Igusa (Rush) Mold-proof processed Filling: polyethylene & polystyrene Back: Non-woven fabric, 5 non-slip stickers

The mat itself is built in lightweight construction, thanks to that you can easily move it everywhere or store it when not in use. It is truly a must for a modern Japanese interior. Those edges of the IRODORI tatami mat make them modern-looking and they definitely make your room shine.

All the rooms where you placed any Tatami mat will have a natural humidity adjustment great heat insulation and even the air will be cleaner. This is caused by the mat itself since they have a natural air purification function, also they will reduce humidity and prevent heat loss.

Tatami mat is weak against water! Please avoid any direct contact always clean it with a dry cloth if needed!

Combination patterns: If you combine the mats in a horizontal and vertical way, it will become ICHIMATSU. This is a Japanese checked pattern, even when all the mats are the same color.

IRODORI mats are made in different colors, make the ICHIMATSU pattern with different colors can be also fun! Igusa straws are woven very carefully, the pattern and colors are magnificent! You can also use colors to match your room and make the floor fuse with the decor. Only your imagination can limit you here.

Let’s be honest, you want to put Japanese furniture into your house, where do you start? Of course, it is the floor, without a tatami floor the whole room doesn’t look too much Japanese. IRODORI tatami mats can harmonize your room and make it look more Japanese.

IRODORI mats are equipped with five non-slip stickers. They are attached on all four corners and in the middle. These stickers prevent mats from slipping and moving around.

Some ideas for how many tatami mats you need:

  • One mat for sitting or meditation
  • Two/three/four mats are for napping
  • Six mats as the underlay of Japanese Futon mattress
  • Nine mats welcome to a Japanese room!

bonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Chair

This chair is the perfect alternative to the traditional sitting. You can also lay down since the backrest can be adjusted up to an angle of 180 degrees. It is practical for the living room or for your home office equipment.

With its adjustable backrest, it helps to prevent the back from curving. Also, it will help to fix bad posture and helps to straighten your back. This is the best and most comfortable sitting experience you can get! Moreover, all the materials used for production are 100% free of harmful substances and have been verified with the REACH Certificate of the EU.

This product is available in two different color combinations. One is dark blue and cognac or in cognac and beige. That makes it more suitable for any kind of interior, and provide more color optimization options.

The chair is really easy to move around and the dimension makes it extremely portable. The dimension when it is set at 90 degrees are:


  • Lenght: 18,9 in (48cm)
  • Widht: 16,9 in (43 cm)
  • Height: 21,3 in (54 cm)
  • Weight: 5,1 lb (2.3 kg)

The cover is made from really high-quality and hight resistant synthetic fiber. That makes it easy to clean with a wet sponge and it is also washable at 30 degrees.

What makes it the best choice?

It is foldable! The backrest has an adjustable feature that provides comfortable support for your back and can improve your posture. The bottom filling for sitting is filled with PE and PU foam. These foams support a bodyweight of up to 220lb.

Universal use! get rid of your back pain and sit comfortably! Whenever you want to put this chair, it will fit there! Some ideas where to put it? For example, it can be a gaming chair on the floor or just a meditation chair. Suitable for adults and teens as well.

Comfort and style! BonVIVO chair will support your daily activities whenever you do them indoor or outdoor? This chair is a must! You just sit and relax.

Easy to transport! The chair only weighs 6lbs and that makes it easy to transport. Also, it is really easy to store since it has a small “footprint”. The elegant design makes that all your visitors will catch their eyes on it and definitely ask about it.

DUOSHIDA Japanese Style Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Flat Seat Cushion

This flat seat cushion is a traditional product in North China. The whole cushion is environmentally friendly and made by a skilled craftsman. The idea behind this cushion is to bridge the gap between oriental and west culture. And what else can introduce a new culture to any customer? That is right, amazing almost like an artwork piece of furniture.

If you decide to use it for a yoga cushion or just put it onto your balcony? It will fit anywhere! You can even use it for meditation, or imagine if you own more than one, then you can invite some of your friends and meditate together! You and your friends will hear the quietness from the East. If you decide to use it for a yoga cushion or just put it onto your balcony? It will fit anywhere! You can even use it for meditation, or imagine if you own more than one, then you can invite some of your friends and meditate together! You and your friends will hear the quietness from the East.

Looking at the manufacturer DUOSHIDA statement, the brand claim that all their products are made by an experienced and highly skilled artisan from China. So worry no more and buy with confidence, you will be more than happy with your wise choice.

Some more information

This product is handcrafted from eco-friendly and sustainable straws. These straws are a source of natural fiber and are padded with high-quality silk.

The natural straws give a nice rustic and natural style to your home. And don’t forget about the beautiful color! This flat cushion can be used even just for decor.

Straws are made to be mold-proof, so you can use the cushion even outdoor and that makes it a perfect cushion during summer. It is superior when compared to a traditional chair. It is comfortable for floor sitting or just put it onto a traditional chair and use it as a cushion. You can use it as a back cushion, basically, you can use it anywhere in your home.

Please be aware that this cushion is made from naturally grown straws, so every piece is unique. Colors may be different than those on the image shown.

As for the maintenance, try to keep it dry and if needed clear the affected arena with a piece of dry cloth. Accidents can happen, so for that case when it gets wet, dry the affected area with a dry cloth and then put it in an airy area or to a warm place where it can dry naturally.

Some more in-depth specifications:

  • Great for tatami floors, it is at the end a tatami seat
  • Size: Diameter:19.6″, thickness 4.2″
  • A lot of ways to use it!
  • The round shape will make every visitor catch an eye on it
  • Natural materials were used for making this product
  • Suits all ages groups, young or old, everybody will like this chair

Japanese Legless Chair

A chair for everything! That is a short description of this specific item. Similar to the second item described in this article. Major differences can be found in the overall style and the fact that this chair doesn’t need any assembly just open the package and that is it.

It is a multi-functional floor chair, you can use it on your tatami floor and in many other rooms. For some ideas here are some examples, try it out in your living room, bedroom, or dormitory. It is also suitable for meditation, playing games, or just for simple reading. There are so many possible ways to use this chair that one article won’t be enough.

Designed to be simple looking and yet comfortable. Filled with memory foam to fit your body perfectly and provide you the perfect seat. Thanks to that, you literally can place it almost anywhere and sit there comfortably.

All the material used during manufacture ware eco-friendly. There is nothing more to add to that, the only thing left to do is just relax and enjoy your moments.

Even more, there is no assembly needed. Don’t waste your time by building stuff, just open it, find a perfect place and use it where it fits.

This chair is something like a universal chair. It truly fits almost anywhere and even more, it is really eye-catching. You definitely won’t regret this purchase.

ZEN’S Bamboo Small Coffee Table

What a find! A small set perfect for a minimalist lover. A small tea table will fit anywhere you want, even in your bed if needed. Or you want to enjoy your tea/coffee and breakfast outside? Say no more, with this set it is possible! This set even comes with canvas basked for storage, imagine it full of snacks. Or just put the basked somewhere else, and use it for storage. We are sure that even book lovers will fell in love with this set.

Many ways to use it and easy to move around. The table itself is not heavy and the sponge cushions are also light, so you can easily move it anywhere. Every day can be different with this set, imagine you just got a random need of having some tea-time in your garden. You can see where are we heading? Exactly, move it, change its purpose anything only your imagination is the limit here.

Try to save our planet and be eco-friendly. That is the motto for this product. All the materials used are eco-friendly. The table is made from bamboo and the cushion is made from canvas and sponge.

This set is really easy to assemble. You don’t need anyone, it is possible to build just by yourself, and even the tools needed are provided. And it is a great feeling every time when you made something sturdy and functional with your own hands right?.

Here are some more technical specs for this set:

  • The table is made from bamboo
  • The cushion is made from canvas and sponge
  • The cushion is closed by a zipper
  • About Size(L*W*H):
  • Table size: 19.69*19.69*11.81 inch
  • Basket size: 12.6*12.6*4.7 inch
  • Cushion Size: 14.7*14.7*1.18 inch.
  • Package size: 24.8*20.87*5.12 inch

Any final words?

As for Japanese furniture, these items mimic the original Japanese style. For the tatami floor, you have to be really careful, since the floor can be easily damaged by any sharp edges. Even by high heels so be really careful when walking on a floor made by this. However, considering all the negatives, it is still a great way to make your bedroom or any other room stan out.

All the floor chairs mentioned in the article are great for those who love to meditate or want to bring some minimalism to their home. Minimalism is the key in all Japanese furniture, that why these types of chairs are a must if you want to mimic their style. Even the small tatami cushion is suited for low tables. The question is what makes Japanese furniture look and feel like something special? It is the potentials and many ways to use it and yet appearing simple and minimalistic.

The table set is small and compact like all the items mentioned above, some customers said that they are using it sometimes for breakfast in bed. But they all agree on the quality of manufacturing and really easy assemble.


We hope that you are 100% sure that you want to own some Japanese furniture in your home. Any of the items reviewed in this article are a great starting point in your journey to living like a minimalist or changing the look of your house in a more Japanese style.

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