Choose from these 5 authentic Tea Sets for the traditional Tea Ceremony. Which one will win you over?

The Way of Tea Sadō/Chadō 茶道 in the Japanese language. During a tea ceremony let your brain rest, open your mind, and feel a significant energy, which surrounds you. Live…

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The Way of Tea

Sadō/Chadō 茶道 in the Japanese language.

During a tea ceremony let your brain rest, open your mind, and feel a significant energy, which surrounds you.

Live in the present moment and focus on yourself. This time is dedicated to deepening the mind. Enjoy incoming perfection.

There is a method, precedes tea ceremony preparation, which plays a key role in the Japanese tea ceremony. In other words right understanding and learning related to the organization and serving of matcha tea for guests. Whereas a ritual is a combination of religious and spirit attributes, referring to philosophy. Seek to achieve harmony, inner peace, and clearing of mind is the main sense. In fact, the thoughts should be left from the mandate into the spiritual world. By making this cultural manner, hospitality and respect to another person become more common and natural.

Special details create a special occasion.

Quick Summary

Handmade Matcha Tea Ceremony Starter Kit

A beautiful tea set, make you smile and bring an authentic feel of Japan into your life.

A chosen set by us includes all essential equipment for the preparation tea ritual, just invite your friends to the traditional Matcha ceremony and enjoy time together. Moreover, it’s a suitable lovely gift. We are sure, everybody will be pleased by this idea, mainly the tea lovers. Giving someone a gift may be the best thing. In addition, the set is packed into an eco-friendly paper package with a Japanese theme label.


Lovers of handmade and natural bamboo material will appreciate the design of whisk and tea scoop invokes for them a nice feel and touch. You can add both products to your tea collection. Thanks to a tea scoop you can achieve an exact request amount of ground tea. Using a bamboo whisk will make a beautiful green foam. Besides, a small scoop holder can be found inside a box. We do love, material, which directly influences of features of the product. It’s visible here. Both bamboo goods have enough durability while using them for a long time.

Let the purpose of the tea bowl stand out. An original design will be an eye-catch for someone, who prefers dark shades in conjunction with bright pattern color.

A tea set is supplemented by a piece of white ceramic whisk holder. A simple design with a unique shape provides protection against damage to the tea whisk. While you have prepared a tea, you can insert a tea whisk into a whisk holder. Other great items are a tea sifter and a traditional tea towel.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Set

Japanese art is hiding perfection itself. They even make common things more valuable, as may seem to at the first view.

Stay in your mind for a while and rest your body. Focus on the present moment and forget any disturbing elements around you. A sip of green tea may support new ideas, thoughts, and even encourage a mood. Enjoy your free time by practicing yoga or meditation, while foamed Matcha is waiting for you.


Clean design displays simplicity, practicality, and original form. We mean this set, consisting of an impressive deep bowl a fine structure with a wooden tea coaster. Besides, a bowl is a great alternative also for serving noodles or soap. A tea ceremony atmosphere completes bamboo scoop, tea whisk including ceramic holder.

The spirit of hospitality in conjunction with traditional cultural habits and excellent equipment create perfect conditions for a tea ceremony.

Traditional Handmade Japanese Tea Set

Diversity of colors, patterns, natural materials, traditional processing, personal style and even, an ecologic box with thematic drawing reflect and describe all impressive items of this Japanese tea ceremony set. A real value is hidden inside of every piece. Harmony and balance among them are invisible.


The tea set contains a unique ceramic tea bowl, whisk holder, and tea caddy in the form of nice detail, made by traditional Craftsmanship. Reworked into detail, carefully with a personal approach create original pieces.

Matcha without whipped foam? You absolutely need a quality and strong tea whisk, guaranteeing to achieve a great result. Specially made from bamboo it is the best choice. The same request and expectation can be applied for a tea scoop, in addition, you get two teaspoons and a scoop holder, which we perceive as a useful helper. Also, a tea sifter is included in a set.

Traditional chakin, in other words, a tea towel waiting for you. Soft to the touch with a delicate embroidered pattern and fulfilling the primary purpose.

Portable and Travel Ceramic Tea Set

We introduce the elegantly, traditional, and breathtaking design of a tea set, offer high-quality processing, and reflect the timeless Japanese cultural values.

Bamboo has its own specified position and plays a significant role. Also, it’s important to emphasize the deep roots of ceramic craft, which was applied to this product.


The ceramic glaze in conjunction with natural material can create artistic work. We mean, artistic approach and beautiful processing start from a teacup, through a teapot to a tea canister. In addition to all the above facts, tea items are made traditional craft under 1250 ℃ to 1400 ℃ high-temperature fire.

Ideal for hosting several guests at once, because the set contains four teacups of a shine glaze and interesting patterns. Also, you can be noticed, that the set includes a tea towel, by which the guest easily wipes a rime of cup, and another guest may continue to ritual.

Finesses of natural color and bamboo are underlining in the tea tray and tea clip. Durable materials, practicality, useability, and simplicity are characteristic features of these products. We consider a tea tray as a great helper and an ideal invention serving teacup.

Suitable for any occasion. Literally! Just pack a tea treasure into a portable bag with an original authentic drawing.

Travel Ceramic Tea Set in Minimalist design

A personality and charm are adding a teapot. You deserve new items to reflect the creativity and spirit of Japan. Start serving freshly and prepared drinks from a magic teapot. The pure design of a modern processing and traditional concept at the same time.


A compact simple double-layer anti-collision cloth bag is full of little surprise of an incredible piece of tea equipment. A tea caddy becomes a great place for the storage of tea. Whenever you want to prepare Matcha or any tea, just release and open a cloth drawstring bag, and further, by using a scoop you take the necessary amount of tea.

We are definitely satisfied by a smooth and quality surface, which was subjected to special R&D. Treated with high heat are considered a benefit of this product. By using this method, keep and maintenance of beautiful appearance for a long time. It’s easy to clean, even the dishwasher is a fine choice. However, be careful and keep in mind that heating in the microwave is not recommended.

Moreover, you get two teacups, it’s a wonderful opportunity to create a special tea event for you and your nearest friends. Organize a tea ceremony in a secret place, for example: on the roof of an apartment or in a garden, while you drink tea and you have an incredible view of the stars. Enjoy your personal time. Thanks, to the portable bag, with a handle made of sandalwood, travel will be much easier.


We believe that proper tea tools can make a perfect experience. Japan is truly proof of this! The history of tea ceremonies is known around the world.

You will fall in love with a typically beautiful green color and unforgettable smell and taste. Now that you are full of rich inspiration and ready for the tea ceremony, it’s time to choose the best tea set. Which one becomes your personal winner? Let us know in the comment below.

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