Best 3 Japanese FUTON, including Futon Set

The Futon can change your view! We are convicted, almost everybody faces a lack of space around us. It’s a general problem for people. Give yourself more space. How people…

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The Futon can change your view!

We are convicted, almost everybody faces a lack of space around us. It’s a general problem for people. Give yourself more space. How people think and approach things can lead to the result of this state. Japan is the typical place for a huge population with limited space. Despite this, they solved a significant issue. This kind of approach can be an inspiration for the rest of the world.

They managed to create an incredible piece of furniture. YES! We mean a Japanese futon! A minimalist and functional product, that can easily change the purpose of the room for various activities. It would be a great challenge!

If you haven’t had a chance to try Futon yet, maybe now is the right time. The first impression of the product is more important than you think. Therefore so let’s get to know it. Gaining more information can be enriching for you. Obviously, if you will continue to read on, you can explore interesting and unique products, that get you so much that you buy them. For those who are in hurry, just click here. There is a list chose of products. Let’s jump it and find the best futon for you.



EMOOR The Japanese Compact FUTON SET Twin-Size


  • Made in Japan
  • Comes in as a set
  • Foldable and easy to storage
  • Moisture protection
  • Fabric: 100% cotton, 200 Thread count cotton broadcloth
  • Stuffing: 100% Polyester
  • It’s ideal for those who have a small space living

The Japanese-style bedroom can teach us a balance between simplicity, practicality, and comfort. The futon becomes more searched than ever before. We are quite sure, that purchase of this Futon set will meet all your expectations.

A great idea can bring amazing things! One of them was the creation of a Japanese Set. The first component is the Comforter (Kakebuton). It’s a traditional Japanese duvet, that is lightweight, breathable, and removes moisture, and also served as a retains and spread heat at the same time. The second one is the Futon Mattress (Shikibuton), made from 200 Thread Count Cotton Broadcloth using a polyester filling. The pillow (Makura) is the last element of this Japanese set. It can adjust to individual body shape and provides a firm headrest. All these pieces play an important role.

Explore further details!

The Japanese set will require your care. The comforter and the pillow are cleanable, however, we recommend using a sheet for better maintenance of all three items. Keep in mind, there are different steps about how to care for Shikibuton. Our advice: The mattress has to be dried in the sun or use special cleaning products, because of highly absorbs moisture. Please, Don’t soak the futon.

No worries anymore. The purpose of the room and of the product can be changed, whenever you want or need. The whole set can be quickly folded up, and easy to store in your wardrobe. Thanks to the great handling, it’s never been easier.

An unexpected visit? Don’t worry. You will always solve this small “problem”. It’s will be a nice surprise idea for your friends and they may also become other owners of Futon.

The decision is up to you. The thickness of this mattress is welcome for someone, who prefers a harder surface, due to processing and use of the filling. On the other hand, those, who love a soft mattress, have several options. It can be laid basically anywhere, but also depends on the facilities of the room. The first choice is the Tatami mat. If the Japanese floor is not part of the house, place another mat under the futon, that provides softness. You can use it as a top layer on the primary bed.

EMOOR The Japanese Classe-Plus FUTON SET Twin-Long-Size


  • Comes in as a set
  • Made from foam and  100% Cotton
  • Outer fabric: 100% natural cotton, 200 fiber counts
  • Provide the right and natural sleep posture of S-shape 
  • For a healthy back and body 
  • The futon mattress is about 3 inches thick 

The futon set made in Japan, Classe-plus could be marked as the most successful series among EMOOR futons. Japanese futon set contains three basic parts, the first one is a Comforter (Kakebuton), Futon Mattress (Shikibuton), and a Pillow (Makura). All these minimalist products are typical for Japanese sleep culture. It’s a common part of the traditional Japanese house.

A mattress is made from a combination of foam and 100% cotton. After some time, foam from the egg crate has been added to the mattress core, for better durability and in addition, it can reduce body strain, by properly distributing body weight. Besides this characteristic, the use of the high-rebound foam (145N) and thanks to high-density (30kg/m3) served as a support when the easily overturned body.

Find more features!

How to care? All the futon mattresses are not washable. Regularly dry it in the sun, keep it clean, and prevent damage to layers. Before using the futon, the bed sheet should become part of this process. It serves as protection against dirty mattresses. It’s will be the best choice.

The ideal features for a firm but not too hard mattress. For those who need help with their spine, this is really good news!



  • Made by a Japanese craftsman
  • Extra rough soft futon mattress 
  • Surface guarantees maximum comfort and different experiences 
  • Temperature regulating wool

Careful selection of materials provides thickness enough, which means the futon can be placed directly on the floor without feeling the hardness. Besides, the wool can regulate temperature, which keeps circulating the air inside of the mattress, which’s due to the breathability of the mattress. The same instructions can be applied to futon care as for the first and second futon mattresses.

If you try it, you will never regret this purchase. Let’s talk about a real quality Japanese product, made by craftsmen. Japan is a typical place for amazing hand-made products. Due to the processing, this futon was a clear choice for us.

It wins you over!

Did you ever hear about futons, made by the “hamburger structure” way? Not yet? Let’s go explore:

  • Soft Filling (top and bottom) use 50% French wool and 50% Polyester (4lb/1.9kg)
  • Firm Pads (middle) made from 100% Polyester (6.4lb/2.9kg)
  • Outer fabric: 100% natural cotton, 200 thread counts
  • The futon mattress is a mixture of quality and proven fibers.
  • The thickness of the futon is around 4 inches in centimeters it is 10-12. The thickness is due to the 4 layers that are inside. On top of that, there are also 2 firm pads surrounded by soft and fluffy filling.
  • Besides, the natural crimp wool inside of this structure brings the feel of softness sleep.


Step by step guide for choosing the best Futon!

Step to good decision-making. Why don’t explore incredible and related elements from foreign cultures? We know, that stepping into the unknown and overcoming your comfort zone can be a too hard decision. However, endless advantages and benefits are part of this process. Worry no more!

Our goal was to bring something extra. For that reason, we choose the whole Futon set, which consists of basic parts to provide a real Japanese experience during the night. These key features are hidden behind the choice of Futon mattresses:

  • Public demand
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Brand and quality

Public demand

Interest in Futon has been steadily increasing in recent years, this fact means bigger public demand for this product. we decided to focus on the Amazon website, due to the availability of the product and endless choices.


You will find quality at a reasonable price. The price varies also depending on your requirements and which one will be your winner. The mattresses that we choose for this review are in the range from 190$ up to 270$.


Almost everyone pays attention to customer reviews, because of personal interest. Rating is one of the important parts of choosing an item. It can show you a really satisfied customer view. We have done this process of selection on the basis of customer rating, so you don’t have to deal with this anymore.

Brand and quality

 Who cares about the brand and quality of the product? Almost everyone! According to these aspects, some decisions can be much easier. We focus on reliable brands, which provide mattresses made from high-quality natural fibers. As it knows, Japan uses mainly natural materials and traditional processing for many centuries. Therefore thanks to the features of these Japanese futon mattresses, including a Comforter and Pillow worth trying!


Minimalism comes to our life, as a great opportunity for understanding new approaches to living. It brings openness and feels spaciousness.

Most of the population is surrounded by a lot of unnecessary things. Maybe, it’s an answer to your lack of space in the living area. Let’s solve your problem, by the purchase of Futon. This review can be helpful and useful for your decision. It brings you a new perspective on living style.

As mentioned above, customer reviews played a role in choosing the best Futon mattress. Our expectations and requirements have not to be the same. It’s all right! Therefore user reviews may vary. Most of them rate purchase as a great deal! According to the user’s reviews, the futon makes them happy and makes their lives easier. On the other hand, someone rated the mattress as not thick enough, in this case, the solution exists for them too. You should try it on yourself and you can find the strengths or weaknesses of these products.

For centuries Japanese products have been made by craftsmen with proven methods using natural fibers. It’s a combination of easy storage, folding, and carrying options. Clever to solve a space problem. According to needs, it can change the purpose of the room. Health benefits are other advantages of these Futons. It sounds interesting, right?

The roots of the futon date back to the 18th century and still persist. It’s an amazing phenomenon of this product, which has become more and more popular in the world.

There are various personal reasons for buying a Futon. Thanks to its minimalist appearance, features, possibilities of use, and endless options. It gets you! BEAUTY IS HIDDEN IN SIMPLICITY.

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