4 Best TATAMI mats that make your home minimalist and charming

The Tatami mat! “Sleep on the floor” After this article, you may be thinking about the purchase of this incredible Japanese piece of furniture. Of course, we leave this decision…

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The Tatami mat! “Sleep on the floor”

After this article, you may be thinking about the purchase of this incredible Japanese piece of furniture. Of course, we leave this decision to you…

Do you like simplicity, minimalism, and practicality in the house, especially in the places for sleep or the rest of your body and mind? Or you are one of the people, who want to try a new cultural habit, for example: “sleep on the floor” other words the tatami mat. Japanese people made them from the straw grass and they served for many years in Japan. You can find them in almost every traditional Japanese house. After some time they also gained popularity in the Western World.

Create a house, full of charming and timeless pieces, which you will love. A piece of furniture, such as a traditional Japanese floor a bed tatami mat. You can choose from many sizes and they are also appropriate for all American mattress sizes. Everything sounds great! Why not choose from the best tatami mat that is on market.

If you are considering buying the Tatami mat, then this post could be very useful in your decision-making. We chose our picks right here. There are the best-selling Tatami mats. In case you want to know more information about this topic then go right here.

Let’s get closer specifics of the Tatami mat

Healthy benefit

Did you know, that sleeping on the floor brings many health benefits and at the same time can become your daily habit.

Let’s explore some of them:

  • Helps to improve your posture and keep the joints aligned
  • Say Goodbye to back pain
  • Feel more relaxed
  • When you wake up, you will feel like a “freshman, maybe, you don’t need an extra cup of coffee anymore”
  • Because of tatami, it is less likely to have dust mites

Controls humidity

The characteristics features of the Japanese Tatami, made from natural materials such as rush grass are their high absorbency, and being able to adapt to changes in humidity. Their ability to regulate humidity can release moisture in the room when the air is too dry in the room.

Heat retention

The Tatami made from tightly woven straws that are 5 cm thick is considered the best among the Japanese mats. These tightly woven straws delay the heat exchange, insulating and protect them, especially during the winter, they will be very useful for keeping warm. Also when it’s too hot outside, these fibers can be pleasantly cool to touch.

Absorbs sound

Sometimes the ambient sounds can be very annoying, however, the tatami mat can solve this problem. Their function to absorb shocks is perfect, you don’t hear any sounds, even when they fall to the floor.

Also, we regard the quality, brand, price, and customer reviews of the tatami. When you choose the tatami mats, all these factors are really important.

Traditional Tatami Mat

The Japanese living style is full of minimalistic, timeless, and traditional pieces, which are mostly made from natural materials. One of these materials is rice straw, which becomes the most used natural fiber for making a traditional Japanese floor – the Tatami.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Japanese Tatami Mat 2 1/4 inch thick
  • Made from 100% compressed straw
  • It absorbs moisture
  • Heat insulator
  • “Hard sleep Lovers”
  • Easy assembly instructions

Minimalism is the right expression for this product. The core of this tatami consists of 100% compressed straw grass. Besides, it is made from natural materials, it has other specified features, which can be very beneficial for your sleeping experience.

During the high humidity period, can regulate moisture in the room, thanks to their absorbed abilities. The tatami can improve purify the air, by helping absorb the nitrogen dioxide.

This kind of tatami mat serves as a natural insulator, which can regular temperature. Let us explain: During the hot weather can cool down a room and also they keep the house warm when is the wintertime.

If you are a member of a hard sleep lover, then you will love this Tatami. On the other side, when you prefer to sleep on a soft surface, then we recommend, the tatami mats place under the Japanese futon.

We have good news for eco-friendly people. Tatami is made from rice straw and it’s totally decomposable. They don’t have any impact on the environmental pollution.

You just need to choose from the available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Cal King, or Eastern King size. For more information about the sizes of the Tatami mat, click here.

Japanese Folding Tatami mat

Enjoy the comfort of Japanese Tatami every time.

From now portable folding Tatami mat will be anywhere with you in this world. It’s perfect for people, who love to travel and explore a new country. “Travel Lovers”, know that a saved space in your bag or the suitcase can be very good news. Thanks to the carrying case making storage and travel will be easy. As it is known for practicality and that is a characteristic feature of Japan’s lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% compressed straw
  • Traditional Japanese Tatami Mat 1/2 inch thick
  • For “Travel lovers”
  • Measures 37.5″ x 75″ x 1/2″
  • Easy to store
  • Includes Zippered Carry Case for Transport

Portable folding Tatami is made from compressed straw and thick fabric, thanks to these materials, the mat is considered very lightweight but it’s still durable enough. This simple folding Tatami provides guaranteed comfort!

Tatami Coco-Mat

The Western Tatami, Cocomat! They gained their reputation in European and American markets and also have become more popular among the people in recent years.

The combination of coconut hair and cotton was used as a filling. Coconut hair fibers are 1.8 cm thick and are fused together with latex. Besides, other fibers are used cotton and linen, which is laid on the top.

The core of the mats is covered by Igusa grass. Thanks to this core’s Coco-mat, can provide a softer sleep feeling and also can be a great choice if you doing yoga. The other specifies is their lightweight (10kg) and thus easy handling. Everything sounds great! Right? We are not done yet.

The plant as straw grass (Igusa) has a typical strong aroma, which resembles fresh grass, but not everyone doesn’t likes this smell. If you are one of them, then we have good news, Coco-mat doesn’t have any aroma.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Japanese Tatami Mat 2 1/4 inch thick
  • Lightweight (10kg) and thus easy handling.
  • Surface ideal for Yoga class
  • Nice assembly instructions


No Air

This type of Coco-mat doesn’t need to have air between the floor and the Tatami mat. Let us explain: A coconut fiber is placed on the bottom of the mat, which creates air for the moisture, and then it can evaporate away.

In this case, you can place the Tatami directly on the floor and nothing happens! Of course, by nothing happened we mean mold and other bad things that could occur with a regular tatami mat.

You just need to choose from the available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Cal King, or Eastern King size. For more information about the sizes of the Tatami mat, click here.

Tatami Bed Platform

Something new is coming! The appearance and construction of this Tatami platform are different from the other mats.

For high durability is the base of the Platform created from sturdy slates, which are low in height.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Japanese Tatami Mat 2 1/4 inch thick.
  • Made from 100% compressed straw.
  • The Platform bed accepts all types of mattresses.
  • Perfect place for sleep and Tea-Ceremony.
  • Nice assembly instructions

The futon can be laid directly on the Tatami platform. Thanks to their springy and firm texture can provide a healthy and proper way of sleep and enjoy a relax. With their minimalistic look and spaciousness, you will love it!

Invite your friends to a traditional tea-Ceremony and enjoy this special occasion on the Tatami platform, because it is bigger enough for everybody.


Make any decision in your life is not an easy task, also this statement can be applied to a piece of furniture, such as a tatami mat. If you want to do the right choice, then you should consider some of the aspects mentioned above because the tatami will become a part of your life.

A country like Japan offers so many incredible things and possibilities. Is there any reason why you couldn’t try one of them? Maybe you should bring something new into your life.

Your body and mind need to rest!

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