3 Types of FUTON FRAME: Which One, Will make you happy?

What Are Futon Frame Styles? The Futon Frames come in a variety of sizes and styles. These types are well known: Let’s compare them all! Wall hanger outdoor Frontloading bunkbed…

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What Are Futon Frame Styles?

The Futon Frames come in a variety of sizes and styles. These types are well known:

Let’s compare them all!

  • Wall hanger
  • outdoor
  • Frontloading
  • bunkbed

The Bi-fold frame is the easiest to find and they are the most popular, however, the space needed for them to accommodate correctly is the same as the mattress width and length. Bi-fold frame means that they come in two main pieces and one standard mattress will fit on the frame. Thanks to a two-piece setup, you can create two separate sections by folding up the crease. These sections are typically called seat and back deck.

In the case, that you don’t have enough space there is more to consider. For this situation, there are tri-fold frames. This can be a better option for smaller rooms and narrow spaces.

The tri-fold frames were the first to come. This happened when the Futon was something new on the market. You can guess it from the name tri-fold, it means that when they fold, they create three sections: the seat, the back, and a lower portion or foot. Inside the group of all the tri-fold frames, are two more types.

  • Permanently attached foot portion
  • Separate ottoman portion

The more space-saving is the ottoman version however the attachable version may be more convenient. It is due to the fact that the bi-fold frames need more wall space and the tri-fold uses more floor space. The width that is from arm to arm is coherent with the futon mattress. On a bi-fold frame is it the length that needs to be considered.

The wall hugger

Developed by Strata Furniture, this frame can be converted from a sofa to a lounger and then to a bed without having to physically move the frame further or away from the wall itself. This is a true shape-shifting ability. These frames are specially manufactured, which allows them to be converted while keeping the legs stationary. The traditional “front loader” frames need a clear space from the back to the wall approximately 10 inches. That means if you want to convert the sofa to a bad, you have to physically move the frame from the wall. You don’t have to face this issue with a Strata’s conversion mechanism.

The western futon frame solution.

Did you ever wonder how to save space or shift from the bedroom to the living room or the other way around? These are the best 3 futon frames that will introduce you to the shape-shifting world of minimalist living. We choose our picks right here. In case you want to know more go right here. As the Mandalorians used to say “This is the way.”

Classic full-frame design western style

Let’s start easy with a classic minimalist western-style frame. Can be as a sofa during the day and then shifts itself into a bed when needed. The black color can match any room style and still have a minimalist touch. Standard frame size can assure you, that whatever mattress you choose will fit nicely.

  • The sturdy construction with armrests provide safe support
  • Very easy to assemble, you don’t need a lot of time for the assembly
  • Clips build into the frame will keep your mattress in place and prevent it from sliding
  • The frame support up to 600lbs

The reason why?!

As is mentioned above, this frame comes as a good starting point in a new way of life. With a fair price tag and good reviews, it should be a long decision making-time to decide why. To help you, choose this one, we conclude it in a few pin-points.

  • Fair price under 100$
  • A unique way to safe space in rooms with no everyday use
  • Can be placed into the guest rooms or placed in dorms
  • If you never slept on a futon mattress, and want to try it this is the best way
  • A nice start if you don’t want to use regular beds anymore

Mind the details! Color and arm-rest can make a change

If we change this and that on a futon frame, don’t need to change much just a few details and it becomes something else and yet the same. For instance, this one has different arm-rests. This feature makes it more decor stylish and modern looking.

  • The modern rounded arm-rest design makes it more comfortable
  • Nice silver color can match with industrial style
  • Comes also in black, which adds the possibility to match it almost anywhere
  • Easy to assemble, comes in one box! No much time needed for the construction

Small change, big results!

By changing a few features we come to have a different style and yet almost the same frame. Keeping the price again under 100 dollars but the overall look changed, this would be the choice for those who want also improve their decor and keep it simple. The small size of the frame adds the ability to fit it in tiny rooms or narrow spaces. How awesome is that? It is a small frame and can be a full-size bed!

  • Keeping the price under 100$
  • The design adds to your decor
  • Sturdy frame support standard futon sizes
  • By just one move, you reveal a full-size bed
  • Build-in retainer clips on the frame

The wood way

The westerns style futon frames come in wide shapes and colors. To break the pattern we choose for our last review something different. A different approach to the futon frames. Adding minimalism and simplicity has its own price. The price is, losing the ability to change shape and made a bed from a sofa but it has a reason. A true minimalistic piece of art!

  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Made from pine wood
  • Easy to assemble, comes in one box
  • Support up to 440lbs
  • Any type of mattress will fit on the frame, memory, or futon.

The frame itself stands on 6 sturdy legs. You can choose from 3 height options, without legs (2in), with legs (7in), or with extended legs (12in). Using legs or extended legs adds the benefit of creating storage space under the frame around (5-10in).

Why should you try it?

The small space living! That is the main reason why you should give it a shot. You can save so much space and make it interesting. Also, they are not that expensive compared to the classic bed styling. Let’s look at the main factors:

  • you can save so much space
  • they are really easy to assemble
  • light and sturdy frame
  • can be used as a secondary bed for quests
  • looking stylish
  • they can make you more interesting
  • affordable


Small things can make a huge change! Don’t be conservative and try something new. Even when it is just a frame, it could change your life in any imaginable way. Considering where this small life change could get you, it can’t beat the price for it. Be brave to try something new!

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