These 4 Simple SOFA BEDS will make your room look remarkable!

Did you ever wonder, what is actually a sofa bed is? You may hear it under the name of sofa-bed especially in the US it is often called a sofabed…

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Did you ever wonder, what is actually a sofa bed is? You may hear it under the name of sofa-bed especially in the US it is often called a sofabed or sleeper-sofa, bed-couch, or our favorite pullout sofa. We did all the digging to find the answer for you, just continue reading if you want to find out what the sofa bed is. 

All of these terms stand for the same, they describe a sofa or couch that under the seating cushions, hides a frame and a mattress that can unfold itself thus creating a bed

In our modern world, even the current generation of people, don’t strive for complicated furniture or too much stuff in their home. The practicality of it makes it unique and wanted. 

As you can see below, all the products chosen for this article, are simple at the first glance, but they can literally shapeshift from a nice sofa to a full comfortable bed, let’s call it a sofa bed. 

Multi-purpose furniture is beneficial for numerous reasons, it can save space and makes one’s apartment or house easy to decorate. To sum it up, they look fantastic! With the right mind and setup, you can achieve an expensive look and still stay within your budget! 


  • The unique geometric”: Kahlo
  • Space-savinge”: Haru
  • “Timeless”Bessie
  • Kyoto oyster”: Zita



  • Easy to assemble
  • Trendy corduroy great color
  • Looks great


  • little bit firm at the beginning
  • If you are not familiar with sleeping on a firm surface, you will need a topper

The Kahlo sofa bed is taking its inspiration from modern European design. Kahlo is compact and yet cool. The piped edges give this sofa bed a gentle touch, united with the delicate corners and corduroy velvet.

The unfold mechanism is simple and fast! The click-clack mechanism makes it really fast and easy to unfold. In a blink of an eye, you have a bed from a sofa. Your guest will never see it coming.

Key features

Kahlo sofa bed is a single sofa/bed, but it comes in a variation of 2 seated, large, and a single. The modern and not extraordinary Navy corduroy velvet color makes it truly a wonderful addition to any room setup. The filling is all foam and the fabric is 100% polyester. With its color, you can match it to almost anything, and yet it will look smooth and extraordinary. Caring is advised to be done only by professionals, and the usage of this sofa bed is advised to be occasional usage, it is not recommended to use it as an everyday bed. You can do all this and still be within your budget. You can thank us later.



  • Extraordinary design
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy click-clack system


  • The best use would be the occasional sleep
  • Maybe too firm for those who are not used to sleep on a firm surface
  • May require a mattress topper for softness

With the Haru sofa bed, you will get ready for any unexpected guest! All of this is in a budget and still it won’t use much space when folded. The beautiful retro design makes it truly a piece to catch an eye on.

The folding mechanism is as easy to use as it could be, you have in a blink of an eye a full bed for occasional usage. To describe this retro sofa bed in two worlds, it would be SPACE SAVER.

Key features

The HARU sofa bed comes in a variety of beautiful colors and in three different sizes. Such as a single bed, two-seat, and a large sofa bed. The color pallets are as follows: flame orange, sapphire blue, vintage gold, velvet vintage pink, marine green, and pine green velvet.

The overall style of this sofa bed makes it look like an adult grown-up piece of equipment, simple and still practical. Moreover, the legs are made from wood and there is the only thing you need to assemble before use!



  • Brass legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Magnificent colors
  • Good quality
  • Comfortable


  • The seam with the zip is visible
  • Some may need a mattress topper

The first two-seated sofa bed in this review is also available in a single seated version or a large sofa bed. They all have one thing in common, and it is the easy and reliable click-clack system that makes in a blink of an eye a bed from a sofa.

Made sophisticated! The extraordinary velvet channeled detailing, just magnificent. Did we already mention the brass legs? Well with the square frame it just looks amazing!

Any guests? You will make them happy in a minute or less, they will snooze faster than you will realize.

Key features

Bessie comes in a beautiful variety of colors such as deep black velvet, sage green velvet, seafoam blue velvet, blush pink velvet, and royal blue velvet. Thanks to the color pallet and brass legs, this sofa bed is a mush have or an easy addition to almost any color setup.

With the hassle-free return that goes for 30 days? Common you have to at least try it, we are sure that this will not bring any regret and actually bring some light to your room.



  • Movable armrest
  • Beautiful fabric
  • Wooden base


  • Price
  • Lack of reviews

Where to start? The Zita three-seater sofa bed is the centerpiece in your room/ house. The difference here from the other reviewed them is that this one is only available in this setup. Also, this one is solid, there are no moving parts to it.

We kept this one till the end because of these two reasons. The price itself is the first reason, this one is a little bit pricey. We are talking about more than 1k dollars. But we don’t want you to intimidate by this sofa.

Moreover, the lack of reviews won’t help us out here. We think that it is thanks to the price or the fact that it is available in two colors and in one three-seater size. Therefore the Zita sofa claimed the last position in this review.

Key features

What about some interesting facts about the Zita sofa bed? The most obvious is the movable cushioned armrest! As you can see in the picture above, they are movable therefore, this feature is adding to the possible setup you can create!

The wooden plinth base adds some more sturdiness to the overall build quality and prolongs the best possible functionality of the sofa, it will also ensure that it will last!

The Zita sofa bed can be translated to one equation and that is ZITA= ZEN.


For someone these sofa beds can be too firm, the obvious question is, How can a sofa bed be more comfortable? The answer is a futon mattress. You can look up our futon reviews right here we are sure that you will find the best one that suits you.

All the mentioned above should help you understand what is the sofa bed and how to make it softer.

Definitely look up all the available colors and sizes, thus you can choose the best one for you. According to all the reviews that we read, the overall build quality is more than good. The only disadvantage that is common in all the products, is the sometimes longer delivery time. Other than that, there is nothing to fear of!

We wish you good luck in finding the best sofa bed for you and we are absolutely sure that we provided you with some more details and helped you to make the final call to order.

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