The best 4 coffee tables with hidden storage space!

What brought us the term coffee table? As far as we know, the “modern” look of the coffee tables in Europe, they were designed and made in Britain during the…

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What brought us the term coffee table?

As far as we know, the “modern” look of the coffee tables in Europe, they were designed and made in Britain during the late Victorian era. Coffee tables were designed as low tables and it is possible that this idea comes from the Ottoman Empire. The low table design had its purpose in many tea gardens, thus they make it low.

The other interesting time period could be found in Britain throughout the 1870s and 1880s. During the set period, it was a boom in popularity for the Anglo-Japanese style. And everybody knows that in Japan all the tables are low almost with no legs and you don’t need any chairs.

Last but not at least, even in the ancient Greek era, there is evidence about similar low profile tables. It is then possible that even the ancient Greeks knew and used something similar to the coffee table that we have today.

Fast forward to the current date, with the development of TV sets and the fact that every family now has at least one TV, coffee tables populate the vast majority of homes. Due to the low profile, anything that you put on it will be low enough to still see what is going on the television.

So simple yet mind-blowing, just because of the low profile and the good look. Thus we came and our goal here is to bring you the best-looking minimalistic coffee tables! We are one hundred percent sure, that one of the tables below, will melt your heart. Let’s find out!




Key features

  • sleek design 
  • the top can rise up
  • practical
  • good for table games 


We here at Taikisuru just love the multi-functional furniture. The Flippa coffee table is just like that! Wery suitable for small spaces or dorm rooms, it is a nice fit even to a big living room it is only up to you where you place it.

As the name suggests, just flip the top side and suddenly you have a dinner table. What a nice change right?

There is even hidden storage for all those who love to have a secret snack! We here are also young people, thus we can imagine that the storage space on this table can be used for PlayStation controllers or the Xbox ones.

As you can see in the image above, it is crafted and made for perfection. You can choose between the walnut finish or our favorite oak finish. The detail for the natural wood texture look is phenomenal. You will love this table as much as we love coffee.

Either you work from home or you just want to eat your breakfast, just with a simple pull-up function of this table, you can bring anything that you places on the table closer. And with the storage space? Well, it can hold up some necessary snacks or other handy things you may need in your living room.

With its unique design and overall finish, the Flippa coffee table is your favorite and definitely, a must-have! We strongly recommend this table.


Key features

  • Interesting design
  • The storage space itself can work as an additional design place
  • Sturdy build
  • Realistic oak effect


Want to achieve a retro look? Let us introduce you to the Tulma coffee table. The Tulma is honoring the mid-century design look and with the opened storage space, it is the best fusion between retro and functionality.

Even if you strive for a motel look or your goal is to just make the hotel feel? The Tulma is your friend here!

It is sleek, looks different, and definitely, your guests will ask you where you get this table. Elegant modern and yet a little retro. Those are the main characters for the Tulma coffee table.

Look simple but still have movable parts, the doors can slide from side to side thus making it even more interesting.

The Tulma coffee table comes in two beautiful finishes, the oak effect, and the white-washed oak effect. We more like the simple oak effect since here at Taikisuru we can help ourselves and we just like the darker colors.

Tulma is eye-catching and can bring some retro feels to your living room. Sliding doors are something you don’t see every day on a coffee table. That is why it achieved to be in this review in a second spot.



Key features

  • Sturdy build
  • Steel legs
  • Looks amazing
  • Really well-hidden storage space


The difference between the first two coffee tables and the Tambo is noticeable at the first glance. Maybe the not that obvious difference is the fact that the Tambo is made from all oak and a few metal parts.

With the industrial style, you can create really nice room setups. The steel legs and all oak build make it overall a sturdy piece of furniture.

Also, a noticeable difference is the fact that this coffee table is rounded and has hidden storage. The overall minimalistic look and build quality here are some of the many best parts here.

All oak, with a little metal. All Nordic, with a hint of industrial. Just look at Tambo’s slatted detailing, slim handles, and space-saving sliding doors. Did we mention the curved shape? This is stylish storage.

The stylish storage on a curved coffee table made from oak? What else can we say? The details are the key here! And they are noticeable!

We here at Taikisuru just love the sometimes odd-looking furniture pieces. Thus we decided to put the Tambo in third place. By odd we mean that this table can have a mix of feelings at the first glance but do not worry! It will definitely look good in the right setup.

The wood used in manufacturing is traceable, what a piece of great news right? If you order the Tambo coffee table, you can be sure that all the wood is from a legal source!


Key features

  • Build quality
  • Sturdy build
  • Amazing look
  • Specifically designed by Steuart Padwick



For the last coffee table in this review, we decided to add the most interesting-looking table. Let us introduce you to the Pendelbury coffee table!

Made from walnut wood and in a revival style, moreover, it is shaped like a kidney. Storage underneath and with on drawer you can store as much as you want. This table has everything the good table should have.

To sum it up, the overall great and magnificent look is finished with the amazing-looking legs!

Walnut wood? Amazing legs? And it is designed by Steuart Padwick! Does the name ring a bell? If not, let us tell you more.

Steuart Padwick is 30 years in the furniture industry and he has earned plenty of awards. He designed all kinds of furniture, storage or office or bedroom furniture he designed a lot.

His pieces are one of the most popular and will definitely brighten up your room. You can decide wrong here!



If your goal is to create a living room or room with a minimalistic industrial look, these coffee tables should help you achieve your set goal. To be unique and yet practical, our intention in this review is to give you a little inspiration or ideas.

The history behind a coffee table is surprisingly more interesting than one would think, from Greece to our modern world, what a journey right?

Clever storage areas, nice design, and sturdy materials, these worlds are the short description of all the mentioned products in this review. We really hope that you enjoyed the review and we helped you to decide or at least we gave you inspiration. For more interesting articles or reviews, please check our blog.

The only thing that remains to do is, set back, make a cup of good coffee and enjoy your lovely table, doesn’t matter which one you have, as long as you are satisfied with it. Have a great day.



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