The 4 Best Coffee Table and Ottoman Set in the timeless design and contemporary elegance.

Most people prefer functionality and simplicity in the contemporary world because they feel free and happy in their houses. Also, there is creativity that can make a perfect piece of…

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Most people prefer functionality and simplicity in the contemporary world because they feel free and happy in their houses. Also, there is creativity that can make a perfect piece of work, but still in a minimalist living style.

We decided to guide you among the coffee table with various geometric shapes and materials in this review. Moreover, they have become more than a classic table, because they offer endless possibilities of use. Even, there is a storage space under the table, a clever storage solution for a lack of space.

These chosen coffee tables are elaborate in detail, made from the natural and raw material combination. Every one of them is unique with its own structure and design in a diversity of color shades. They are fine and expressive at the same time. To help you to make your decision easier and give you a reason, why you should try these unique, amazing, and cool-looking tables with a low profile and fancy design.


Square Coffee Table, Smoked Grey & Amber Glass

The unique rounded corners belong to the contemporary design trends, they appear softer to the eyes. Instead of classic sharp edges, these rounded shapes are more practice and safer.

Key features

Designed by Wales and Wales 

The geometric shapes are a part of the architecture design thinking. Designer duo Wales & Wales are professional designers with their own signature style. They are making extraordinary and unusual designs, that it is unmissable. Moreover, they managed to make a modern and timeless low table with a sense of the retro style.

Sophisticated, easy, and smart!

There is an empty space under the table, that provides plenty of storage space for books, magazines, or anything else. Your favorite books can be lined up under the table and they will be at hand.

While the coffee tabletop has a smoked grey color, the base is made from amber glass. The use of pure material, in the conjunction with fine color, makes a perfect combination.

Hesta Coffee Table in Pink Ombre

Key features

The striking color contrast is refined and overall it absolutely grabs the attention. The coffee table ends up with rounded edges, but both sides have unique shapes with different appearances. It is smooth on the top but, really sturdy in the core. Further, we need to mention the highlights of this excellent product. The first sign is the quality, durable, and thick enough glass with an unusual texture finish. Last but not least well-made table has a solid construction but is a little heavier.

You will love the ombre design. The lovely coral pink color it’s cool-looking and elegant at the same time.

Let the light pass out through the window and you can notice, how the lights create gorgeous shadows and reflections on the table. The natural light completes the atmosphere in your room.


  • Combination of the translucent and opaque glass color with a shine bright
  • Eyes catching ombre table style
  • It’s an ideal match with a minimalist living style
  • Sophisticated sides shape


  • You can be surprised by heavy weight of the table


Nesting Natural Rattan Coffee Tables

These coffee tables look like twins, they appear just by size options. They are really cute and absolutely remind the feel of nature. As you can see, natural woven rattan is a dominant element of these coffee tables. The use of rattan makes an incredible piece of work. Moreover, manufacturers managed to create simple and complex patterns too, that deserve admiration.

Key features

Limited space, endless possibilities

It sounds tempting, right? We are sure that you will be surprised, how can be this coffee table useful.

You can move them around the room, as a separate table with a different purpose. While you read a magazine or book, you can put your hot cup of coffee directly on the top of the table. Additionally, if you need whatever at the hand, place one of them close to the sofa. It’s a small helper but it can serve perfectly. Besides, it looks awesome with a combination of natural plants. As the second alternative is to place them next to each other or even you can tuck the smaller one underneath. In case, you need to get extra more space. Even you can store and hide stuff underneath the table.

There is inspiration from Japanese culture. As you can notice, these coffee tables are low, thus, they allow a kneeling posture on the floor, while you enjoy tea time with your friend.


  • You get 2 pieces of coffee table, smaller and bigger one
  • Natural rattan materials
  • Extra storage space underneath of the table
  • The smaller one can be tuck underneath


  • Keep it mind, rattan has a soft of natural fiber

Ottoman set table

You will be happy with the ottoman because it’s a functional, timeless, and elegant piece of furniture. With many various color options: Aegean Blue, Dune Orange, Bay Green, Hail Grey make your decision bit a hard.

Ottoman set ideally fits for a small living room or someone who prefers simplicity and minimalism. However, we are sure, this sleek and impressive design charms everyone.

Key features

Ottoman poufs are slots underneath the rounded table made from walnut wood. Moreover, curved metal legs look stylish.

Lovely ottoman poufs consist of 100% polyester fabric and Polyurethane foam. A satisfaction customer review confirmed the quality of processing of this Ottoman set. Despite they being small, both guaranteed comfort, while you sit on them for a long time. You can choose them, instead of a large armchair, because as a whole it doesn’t take much space.

Are you ready for a game of chess or a board game? Or even for an unexpected visit? Ottoman coffee table set always saves you!


  • Table and ottoman set
  • Space saver
  • Maximizes space
  • Multifunction
  • Compact size
  • Minimalist design


  • The ottoman table set can be small for tall people


We are truly seeking to find extraordinary pieces of furniture, that bring unmistakable impression at the first sight. As you have an opportunity to meet on Taikisuru, then you can deep dive into the minimalist design with the touch of Japan. Most of the inspiration comes from Japan because their specific elements can be perfectly applied in contemporary interior design.

Find the best resting coffee table that perfectly works with your individual request, into space, budget, and even that comes over your expectation a is a big challenge for your team every time.

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