The 3 Best Chemical-Free Platform Bed with a headboard

As per the statistics and surveys, approximately 80% of the human population experiences back pain somewhere in their lives. However, doctors and chiropractors are still finding ways to reduce muscle…

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As per the statistics and surveys, approximately 80% of the human population experiences back pain somewhere in their lives. However, doctors and chiropractors are still finding ways to reduce muscle inflammation and bent back problems. One solution to the problem lies in getting a chemical-free platform bed.

Back problems can be problematic for many of us as it directly affects our lives. Not only you’ll not be able to work correctly, but it’ll not even let you sleep peacefully. We’re talking about raised bed bases here. Raised bed bases will raise the height of your bed, and ultimately, you’ll be better able to wake up and get off your bed with a straight back.

There can be two choices for each of you in the raised bed bases, including the platform and panel bed. But many of you might struggle with the question: what is a platform bed? You’ll get to know by the end of this article!

Have you got no time to get through the extensive product lists in the market? So without further ado, let’s have a look at the best platform beds of all time.

Quick Summary

Editor’s choice: Loft2 Natural Chemical Free Wood Platform

“Being compact and stylish, it can fit anywhere and feels super sturdy to last longer. With the solid American Maple Wood, no one on the list can beat the sturdiness.’’

The Most capable: Salsa Natural Bed Frame Oak

‘‘No formaldehyde and other toxins are utilized for the construction of this Salsa Natural Bed Frame. Quality workmanship results in the heavy-duty, strong and an elegant platform bed’’.

Easiest to use: Harvest Moon Natural Chemical Free Wood Platform Bed

“Harvest Moon never compromises on the quality! This platform bed is made from the sustainable American Hardwood to achieve the fine glossy finish’’.

Loft2 Natural Chemical Free Wood Platform


  • Solid American Hardwood
  • Hand rubbed polish
  • Oak, Maple, cherry wood
  • 75 standard height platform


No Fumes Emitting

Loft2 Wood Platform bed frame stands out from the rest as it is made up of wood material that yields no fumes. Additionally, the manufacturer claimed to provide an additive-free construction, including no formaldehyde emitting glues and fumigated poisons.

High-Grade Wood

Loftt2 has never compromised on the needs of users! Worry not even if you’re suffering from back pain, Loft2 Natural Chemical Free Wood has been utilized in this low-profile bed. The specialized wood material comes from Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and other hardwoods. Not only can you carve out the fine details on the wood, but it gives a rugged outlook that adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

A Natural Finish

Adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your bedroom seems easy now with this Loft2 Natural Chemical Free Wood bed. It gives a natural finish and outlook. Free from any heavy metal toxins and petroleum derivatives, this Loft2 is the most natural bed that you can even have in your living room.

Visually Imposing Frame

Apart from the solid American Maple hardwood, the visually imposed frame looks good from the sides as it looks from the front. The extraordinarily efficient workmanship utilizes the hand-finish technology to polish and finish the framing. A solid arched headboard features a classic design.

Salsa Natural Bed Frame Oak


  • Solid American Hard Oak Wood
  • Available in natural glossy look
  • Good with the futon mattresses
  • The hardwood slots are 2.5 vast space


Sustainable Wood

Salsa is famous for its chemical-free sustainable beds. The manufacturer grows the Oak hardwood with utmost responsibility and care by the manufacturer in the American forests and then cut precisely to shape the structure. The hardwood is carved in a better way to reduce the roughness and give a polished look.

No Toxins

There will be no fumigations and formaldehyde emitting glues employed in the construction of the Salsa Natural bed. Quality workmanship is the top-most feature of the Salsa brand. The workforce spends day and night constructing the heavy-duty wood framing, which gives the polished and glossy look at the end. All in all, you’ll end up having a flat-edged economic design that lasts longer than usual.

Raised Bed

This Salsa Natural Bed Frame has raised base and standard platform height, i.e., 12.75. The hardwood slats are 2.5cm wide and 3cm apart, making the rugged structure end with a raised platform. Whether you’re suffering from back pain or having trouble while getting off the bed, this Salsa Natural Bed Frame is a must.

Available in Sizes

Many of you might be concerned about the sizes! Worry not as the Salsa Frame beds are available from twin to king-size and can fit in any bedroom or living room.

Harvest Moon Natural Chemical Free Wood Platform Bed


  • Oak, Maple, and cherry wood
  • No heavy metal toxins
  • Solid color characteristics


Chemical Free Assemblage

Harvest Moon believes in no-chemical construction, and that’s what we see here in this bed. Made from natural American forest wood, this platform bed frame needs no chemicals and additives.

Sustainable manufacturing

Harvest Moon utilizes sustainable manufacturing technology and Chemical-free wood assembly; it promotes durability and reliability of the frame. Also, thanks to the inclusion of American Hard Oak Wood, you’ll see a beautiful finish and an aesthetically beautiful rustic finish to it. No matter if you’re looking to add a charm to your surroundings or you’re planning to upgrade to modern bedding, this Harvest Moon Natural Chemical Free Wood Platform.

Platform Type Construction

In the platform bedding, the Harvest Moon has earned its name in quite a fast manner! This Chemical Free Wood Bed ensures a solid and slatted surface for mattress support. No matter if you’re trying to maintain a proper airflow or you’re suffering from sleep deprivation conditions, this King Platform bed aids in improving both.


Thus, a platform bed is the one that provides extra support to the mattress with the slatted surface!  Are you looking for a platform bed with sleek styling and raised bases for maximum support? You’ve landed at the right place and might have gone through our best 3 chemical-free platform beds of all time to upgrade your living room and bedroom.


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