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Lockdown has left us all weary, you might have been rethinking about the décor of your home! Perhaps you are searching for a compact and reasonable quality bed frame if…

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Lockdown has left us all weary, you might have been rethinking about the décor of your home! Perhaps you are searching for a compact and reasonable quality bed frame if you’re living in a small space. A platform bed frame will work best for you if you’re looking to conserve some space and have under-bed storage simultaneously.

Platform beds are low to the ground but are equipped with a firm foundation and a horizontal base design to support the mattress. What’s noteworthy about these frames is that they don’t require a wood or a metal piece to have support. All in all, with the right platform bed, you can enhance your bedroom’s look in no time.

But the market is flooded with plenty of options in the platform bed frames category, and it’s not easy to make a decision. You must be wondering where to buy bed platformsWorry not, as we’ve got you the answer to every question.

For ease of comparison, we have stated the quick summary below apart from the top 3 choices. You can look at the features and attributes to make a decision right away.

Quick Summary

Editor’s choice: Hop Natural Bed Frame Oak

“Being best in town, this HOP Natural has the hardwood slats made directly from the American Forests and exhibits a visually imposed design.’’  

The Most capable: The Skyline Natural Bed Frame Maple

‘’There will be no fumes and formaldehyde smell in your living room space even if you buy this Skyline Natural Bed frame right after it came out of the workshop.’’ 

Easiest to use: Straight 8 Natural Bed Frame OAK

“The flat-edged designed and metal-free construction of the Straight 8 Natural Bed Frame makes it super-ideal for everyone looking for platform bed.’’

Hop Natural Chemical-free bed


  • Twin to King size frame
  • Natural finish
  • Flat edged design
  • No formaldehyde emitting polish

No Toxins and Heavy Metals

HOP Natural Bed Frame stands out from the rest with its all-natural components and sustainable wood construction. It is made up of natural Oak wood and polished with linseed oil, having no petroleum and heavy metal toxins as a part of your framing. Quality workmanship is what you’ll be able to see in every component of this platform bed frame, as it is made with care and attention. All in all, you’ll get naturally finished and polished wood to enhance your bedroom’s beauty!

Enduring Rustic Charm

HOP natural enhances your living space’s beauty, elegance, and charm with a flat-edged design. This economical piece of bed frame not only offers an enduring rustic charm. The hardwood slats are 2.5 vast spaces apart and 3 apart, which gives a mesmerizing look and a rugged outlook.

Natural Bed Frame

Natural solid wood framing works perfectly with both conventional as well as modern looks. Gone are the days where you struggle to fit in the mattress in the frame. This platform bed has wooden slats to extend the overall ruggedness and durability. Are you into European bedding styles? If so, Hop Natural Platform Bed Frame has straight, bold lines with a flat-edged design.

Skyline Natural Bed Frame Maple


  • Made in the USA
  • Hand sand to ensure the smooth surface
  • Selected grade woods (oak, maple, cherry)
  • No white sapwood

VOC free Solid American Hardwood

Skyline Natural Wood Frame is all free from additives and chemicals. From cutting Oak wood directly from the American Forests to polishing the frame, all things will be done via natural and organic methods. There will be no formaldehyde emitting fumes in your living space after buffing. Additionally, there will be no smell, fumigations, and formaldehyde emissions.

Natural Wood Construction

A Skyline has the highest quality selected grade wood, which not only has linseed-free polishing but all-natural ingredients. The wood is cut directly from the American Forests and processed via hand sand technology.

NO White Sapwood

Skyline has the natural wood cut directly from the American Forests. Gone are the days where the bed frames have white sapwood, which is somewhat flimsy and can break itself upon heavyweight. There will be no knots in the wood slabs, which offers a rugged outlook.

No fumes emitting glues

The Skyline polish generates no fumes and irritating smell. You might have experienced the foul odor or fumes in the eyes. There will be no additives and fumes emitting glues as well. This way, you’ll be able to get the natural finish, and the grain of the wood looks natural.

Straight 8 Natural Bed Frame OAK


  • Straight, bold line design
  • European style frame bed
  • Enduring rustic charm
  • No fumes emitting glues

Quality Workmanship

Straight 8 Natural Bed Frame is the depiction of quality workmanship. The workforce from Straight 8 struggles to carve the visually imposed design on the bed. The flat-edged economic design offers elegance and charm. Additionally, there is no machinery used to polish and sand the straight 8 Natural frame bed. The hand sand technology carves out the structure and makes the surface smooth.

Natural Finish

Straight 8 yields no fumigations and smell in your living space. The visually imposed frame results from quality construction from the hardwood and polishing via the linseed oil. No petroleum and heavy metal ions are employed in manufacturing and finishing the platform bed frame.

Conventional and Modern Look

Nothing can beat the charm of Straight 8 Natural Bed Frame! It depicts the conventional look with a modern design resulting from quality workmanship obtained from the neutral elements and solid color.


Platform bed frames are the ideal choice for the ones looking for stable and rugged construction. Made from American Wood, these platform beds have a natural finish and visually imposed look! The flat-edged design offers enough room to place your belongings under the bed and provides a compact outlook to conserve the living space. We have got you covered with the best naturally made platform beds available in the market to let you have a safe deal!

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