Best 3 Natural Platform Beds in 2021. Minimalism at the first sight.

As of now, approximately 31 million Americans have experienced back pain somewhere in their life, and that’s dangerous. Being in this state, the platform bed can help you better as…

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As of now, approximately 31 million Americans have experienced back pain somewhere in their life, and that’s dangerous. Being in this state, the platform bed can help you better as these are designed with the perfect height and raised base for maximum support. But are you struggling with the question: what is a platform bed? Here it is! 

If you’re the one who gets in trouble every time while getting off the bed, platform beds are for you. Even the king platform beds feature a lower height than the standard ones and have wooden slats to ensure stability despite this low height. 

Have you got no time to go through all the platform bed products available in the market? Worry not, we’ve got you the best ones! 

Quick Summary


Natural Bed Frame Maple

This platform bed is loved by everyone who’s struggling with back pain or having trouble falling asleep. Linseed oil and bees’ wax finish enhances the overall look in the end.’’


  • Lightweight and Easy to port
  • Budget-friendly
  • No chemical used
  • Soft and sturdy frame
  • For environmentally-conscious users

High-quality crafting

The B Flat natural bed frame is crafted with sustainable hardwoods that grow in American forests. No poisons/toxins and chemicals are employed in their structure formation, and no glues emitting issues occurred, as it simply linseed oil. This high-quality production makes it durable and gives you long-term comfort for the upcoming years.

Standard border height

This 12.75-inch standard height borderless bed was built to last longer and has sturdy legs for ultra-firmness. This firmness offers endurance up to 350 lbs. weight—additionally, no need to worry while moving your bed frequently over the floor.

Natural bed frame

No chemical involvement while manufacturing only organic American Hardwood ensures the bed frame has natural organic construction. So, you’ll feel a relaxing, calming sleep without any chemical hazards. Also, the physician and doctors recommend it for being non-toxic.

Suitable with any mattress

Upgrade your sleeping experience with this natural bed frame that is perfectly suitable with all types of mattresses; instead, it’s custom eco-friendly. Furthermore, the structure has a contemporary styling that makes its cleaning more convenient and faster rather than others.

Easy to assemble

What else one needs instead of the easy assembly and de-assembly! This natural bed frame has a very effortless setup, and with all the tools and instructions, it’s easy to assemble within 30 minutes with two persons.

Enchanted Plateau Natural Chemical Free Wood Platform Bed Frame

‘’A flat-edged economic design that can fit any living room and bedroom. The soil oak, maple, and cherry wood construction offer a durable platform bed framing’’.   


  • Made by hardwood slats
  • Non-slip tape
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Room beauty enhancer

Innovative design

Enchanted Plateau is another natural bed frame with an innovative design that you admire and exceptionally enhances your house’s beauty. You’ll get a whole new experience with its broad brown edges and sturdy build construction. Your mattresses look stunningly beautiful on this natural bed frame.

Organic American Wood

No chemical is used in its construction, only pure organic American wood construction that makes it soft and durable at the same time. This organic wood has no harmful effects and leaves no irritating reactions while direct, even in direct interactions with the wooden frame. Plus, this hardwood has a quite excellent weight-bearing capacity of almost 500lbs.

Broad, sturdy legs

The 12.50 inches wide, sturdy legs provide extra balance and stability on the ground. It is what you need when you are looking for a sturdy bed frame. Further, the brown legs match excellently with any bedsheet color, and especially with white paint. Are you looking to give a blushing charm to your room? Enchanted Plateau is the ideal choice!

Polished excellently

Further, you’ll see that it is polished excellently, enhancing its looks and giving a long-lasting rustic charm to your room. Linseed oil is being used in the final finishing that is all-natural and has no harmful chemicals.

14 hardwood slats

It comes with 14 slats, and center support makes it extraordinary remarkable, and valuable in the selling market.


The Tenor (Timber Ridge) Natural Bed Frame Maple

“Tenor Natural Bed Frame uses no petroleum and toxins in the finishing step to let you have a non-toxic peaceful sleep.’’ 


  • Solid Maple wood construction
  • 2.5 wide-spaced slats
  • Versatile sizes ranges
  • Minimalist design
  • Natural wood finishing

Unique slat system

The Tenor bed frame offers a uniquely designed slat system; this supports the mattress directly without using a box spring. Plus, it let the air move or circulate efficiently throughout the bed and keeps the mattress cool and smell-free in the summer seasons. These spaced slats benefit, especially when your mattress type is latex, memory foam, or organic mattress.

Natural oil manufacturing

There is no chemical composition due to natural oil manufacturing; the linseed oil is utilized for polishing that embarks a superb finishing.

No color fading

Usually, a low-quality wood shows color fading or may lead to demolishing; this doesn’t happen in this timber ridge bed frame. The frame consists of high-quality softwood that shows no color fading at low and high room temperatures.

Ergonomic design

First, the backrest is designed with a simplicity that enhances its beauty and lets you clean easily. Secondly, its 10.75 standard height platform is quite excellent for children as well as the ones who’re suffering from back pain.

Easy to assemble

This easy to assemble king platform bed frame provides an effortless setup within a few minutes. You have just to lay it on your room’s ground floor, expand its legs and put the mattress on it, and let the tired body rest on it.


Unlike the traditional ones, the platform beds have firm and solid bases and stylish headboards and footboards. The slatted base serves as a bed as well as a foundation in the platform bed frame. Luckily, these beds can also fit the mattress foundation to avoid the stuffy base problem- a significant cause of back pain.

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