3 Best Wooden Platform Bed of 2021. Storage Drawers and bookshelves!

A platform bed is ideal for those who need to get more storage space also known as a “storage solution”. Furthermore, How to make a tiny room look larger? The…

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Aplatform bed is ideal for those who need to get more storage space also known as a “storage solution”. Furthermore, How to make a tiny room look larger? The feel of spaciousness shifts to a reality. A platform bed frame takes up less space than a classic bed and it perfectly fit in a loft room. Last but not least, for those who are in love with the minimalist style it will be the best choice. We hope you found yourself in these words and you can’t wait anymore.

These important points can be relevant, but why are platform beds even good? We estimate it on the increasing interest in platform beds in the combination of the futon among the people. Have you ever heard about a Japanese futon mattress or do you have one? You will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort they provide, healthy benefits, and an unforgettable feel from sleep.

Please note that at the current date of writing this review, the hassle-free return is extended to 30 days. But this may change in the future.

Quick Summary

Kano King Size Platform Beds with Storage Drawers


  • Huge storage drawers and bookshelves
  • Saving space
  • Quality for reliable price
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Effortlessly to assemble
  • Assembly takes a few minutes or up to an hour

Key Features

A lovely shelf platform makes you truly happy. The words from all the satisfied customers can tell. They also never regret these purchases.  The minimalistic and low design makes your room extra spacious and sunny or just feel like it still can absorb more furniture. It doesn’t take space, on the contrary, it guarantees the feel of open spaces.

The bed itself is stylish and it will perfectly fit in the loft room because the bed doesn’t have a headboard. On the other side, we perceive it as an ideal opportunity for creative people, who love craftwork, because they can make headboards themselves. Still, the frame itself without the headboard looks timeless.

You will be definitely impressed with the quality of construction because it is made from sturdy, solid, and durable pine wood. Excellent combination of guaranteed comfort, simplicity, and useful intended.

What you will love? It is the pull-out drawers on either side, that provide loads of storage space. It’s an ideal place for a hidden futon set or any less necessary items. Drawers are placed underneath the platform bed and they have wheels, they come out very smooth and without annoying squeak sounds. The functionality of the storage space is in the use of satisfaction. Cute bookshelves will absolutely win you over! You will have all the books at hand. All the book lovers will appreciate this kind of storage for books we are sure of that!

The platform bed frame has rounded corners and the narrow platform around the bed makes a perfect small space to place down a bottle of water or mobile phone at night.

Everyone handles the installation, it has a straightforward assembly plan, but it takes some time and you will also need a screwdriver. All the rest necessary tools are given in the package.

Meiko Double Platform Bed with Drawer Storage


  • Made from quality material
  • With 4 storage drawers
  • Provide loads of storage space and comfort
  • Perfectly fit in a small room
  • Guarantee 10 years

Key Features

Encircled around by a wood frame and tucked away drawers that are hidden underneath the bed. Overall it looks great, neat, and elegant. As a whole, it carries the Japanese minimalism Zen sign. A clean line of beautiful pine wood perfectly completes a room. High-quality, sturdy and solid wood plays a key role, due to obtaining a really durable bed.

You will be very satisfied with the provided comfort and the purpose of using the storage space at the same time. A platform bed has 4 sliding drawers on wheels.

After an in-depth review of sliding drawers, we noticed these roomy drawers are not attached to the bed, they are free to move on wheels. In this case, handling is a little bit tricky, but on the other side, it allows you very easy access to them, because they can be fully pulled out.

Detailed assembly instruction comes in a package, it’s easy to read and follow all steps, but it will take more than an hour as it states. You can do it yourself, but it will be much better for two people. This will make the work of folding the frame easier.

Meiko King Size Bed with Drawer Storage and Headboard


  • Solid pine wood
  • 4 sliding drawers 
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Guarantee for 10 years
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Wipe with a dry cloth

Key Features

Surround yourself with the endless beauty of Japanese style and inner harmony. The platform bed can sophisticatedly complete the room itself and the headboard becomes a main element of the bedroom. Meiko’s king-size bed reflects a timeless, clean line and uses natural wood. In addition, it provides loads of storage space underneath the bed.

We will follow up on the mentioned drawers, they have wheels, thus coming out smoothly and effortlessly. Pull out of sliding draws provides easier access to them.

A bed frame is made from a plank of solid pine wood with a natural look finish. Besides this, manufacturers only cooperate with well-known legal wood sources. Clever, right?

It has a very straightforward assembly and all the pieces are labeled. All necessary tools come in the package, but you will need a screwdriver. However, everyone handles it! Trust us!

With a guarantee of 10 years? And a hassle-free return, that goes for 14 days? This is a must-have!


Interior style design is changing by people’s demands. The tendency to surround yourself with a load of things is slowly disappearing. You need to feel free in the place where you live. Thus, things like a piece of furniture should be served to you, not the other way around. These platform beds chosen by us are clearly proof, of timeless and clever doing for a modern-day spirit. 

The king-size here means the UK dimensions (150 x 200 cm, 59 x 78 in). All the products come with a 10-year warranty. The care manual is also downloadable on every product page, and all the necessary tools are in the package.

We pretty much believe, you never regret this purchase and it also matched all our expectations.

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