Sushi what a healthy phenomenon! It all began in the 19th century. Let’s talk about the 4 Best Sushi Making Kits!

Name one dish, that tastes unique and you can pair it with any beverage you think of, and will still offer an exciting mixture of flavors. Of course, you are…

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Name one dish, that tastes unique and you can pair it with any beverage you think of, and will still offer an exciting mixture of flavors. Of course, you are right, we are talking about SUSHI!

The popularity of sushi began in the last century or so, however in Japan it was popular earlier. Nowadays sushi is something like a global dish and it is not that hard to find a sushi restaurant anywhere in the world.

Let’s dive in and try to find out what are the main sushi categories, what is the history behind and some more. Let’s GO!

The Origin of Sushi

Before the well-known form of raw fish with rice, there was a version that is considered as a predecessor, we are talking about NAREZUSHI. It is a fermented fish picked with rice. A practice that was common in Southeast Asia around the 2nd century CE. Its thought to have migrated to Japan around the 8th century. The very first written reference to “sushi” can be found in the Yoro Code, written in the year 718.

Every town, village, family in Japan have its own unique recipe, of course, this is not literally speaking but you get the idea. Thus came all the different types of Sushi. Also, it is worth to mention, that when this dish became globally known, every country, town, or restaurant created its own version or type.

One of many things that we have to thank Japan, is of course the introduction of Sushi to the world. They are responsible for the introduction of Sushi to travelers. Simply said, Japan is the capital of the world when we speak about this simple, tasty, and easy-to-make food.

Some important dates

Around the middle of the 18th century, sushi spread to Edo. Three famous restaurants were opened there, concretely speaking it was – Matsonozushi, Kenekizushi, and Yoheizushi. At the end of the century, more than a thousand followed them. Soon there were a lot of sushi restaurants!

At this time, sushi was still cooked, which was due to a lack of refrigeration, also it was served in bigger pieces. If we compare it with our modern version of it, you will find that it was completely different. The father of our modern version is a man named  Hanaya Yohei. He changed the game forever.

And boy o boy does he made a change. He realized that instead of throwing out the rice, it could be tossed with a bit of vinegar and a small piece of fish. Thus creating a small portable and affordable bite-size treat. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Thus came the NIGIRI. This changed the game forever, he made the first sushi fast food in the world.

He used raw fish on the top because it was directly from the bay and so fresh that he doesn’t need any preservation. No fermentation, no nothing, it could be made in a matter of minutes. This was a really quick method when we compare It with the fermentation method. Thanks to all of these revolutionary methods, he soon found a huge crowd of people coming to his mini restaurant. It doesn’t take a lot of time till the Nigiri became the new standard everywhere.

In the 1970s, due to technological advances and refrigeration, came the ability to transport fresh goods for long distances. Add a thriving post-war economy and you have it. The demand exploded worldwide but mostly in Japan.

This is the short history behind sushi, fast forward to the present time, it is still evolving, new versions, vegan versions or vegetarian you name it, somebody is making it already. The possibilities are endless and only your imagination is the limit. And yet, the traditional Nigiri still can be found. Maybe the good old things never change right?

Only one thing is left to say, did you ever tried to make your own sushi? If not, it is not that hard! Here are some of the basic sets that may help you. May we also suggest eating your own sushi in your room where the floor is made from tatami, and you followed the Japanese minimalist style? You won’t regret that trust us…

Silicone Sushi Roller

This is the ultimate set for beginners or those who love to try something new. Like it has everything essential that you need. The set includes a silicone mat, rice paddle, and a roll slicer. For a surprise there a free detailed recipe book with amazing ideas recipes included!

Get those rolls perfect every time! The slicer will make sure of that! This is a restaurant-quality perfection of the rolls. And with the silicone rolling mat? Making your own sushi will a piece of a cake.

Every piece of this set is made from high-quality materials. All the tolls are easy to wash and made to last for a long time!

The free recipe book includes 20 easy-to-follow recipes, that will help you to create professional sushi in a nick of time!

For beginners? This is the way to go for sure. Even as a present for someone who loves to try new things in the kitchen, this can be truly a unique surprise.

Cut the long road, this can be named as a shortcut to a perfect sliced roll. We wonder if this is what all the influencers use to make their homemade sushi look that perfect.

Delamu Sushi Making Kit

This kit is a game changer! It contains so much, that literally, the only limit is your imagination and the ingredients that you have. You don’t believe us? Let’s see what it contains:

  • 2 bamboo mats
  • 5 pair of chopsticks
  • 1 rice mold
  • 2 temaki rollers
  • 1 specially shaped knife
  • 1 rice spreade
  • 1 rice paddle
  • Guide book, with every know-how

Guide book This set comes with this book that will guide you through the whole process of making sushi. It is made to be easy-to-follow and there are literally step-by-step instructions for beginners. What are you waiting for? Let’s go and explore all the exotic flavors in your own home!

Bamboo materials, each item in this kit is made from natural bamboo. The quality of this build is on another level.

A gift? Think about that, if you know someone who loves to try new things, or you know him/her that well, that you know what they love to prepare. Then the answer for a gift is more than clear. You can make a mistake by this set, trust us!

The guide book is attached at the end of an email after the set was shipped. How to care about it? Well, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using a dishwasher to clean it. Instead, they recommend drying it thoroughly before storage, and clean it with a cloth or a wet sponge.

Whatever you decided, if you buy it as a gift or for yourself, we shall add just this, THROW A SUSHI PARTY. Impress your friends and family with some epic rolls and exotic combinations or stick to the traditions. Don’t forget to use chopsticks!

Full Sushi Set for Beginners

Make sushi at home was never this easy! So this is our best pick for a DIY sushi-making kit. It contains everything necessary for you to start. You will have everything to make your own sushi at home! Just look what it contains!

  • Bazooka
  • Bomboo mat
  • Paddle
  • Spreade
  • Knife
  • Bamboo chopsticks
  • Chopstick holder
  • Avocado slicer

100% non-toxic all the items listed above are environmentally friendly. Easy to use and easy to clean. Manufacturers recommend washing it only in hand if you want to have an extended lifetime for all the items. Don’t forget to dry each piece thoroughly.

The bazooka, just add rice and all the other ingredients, then close it and squeeze out the long tube. How easy is that? If you decide to use the natural bamboo mat? The bazooka may sound more extraordinary but trusts us, it is fun to use.

Fun sushi days? Why not? with this kit, it can be done. Imagine family time making sushi rolls. Even kids can join a develop their motor skills. The possibilities are there, the only limit you can find is only in your head.

Great gift idea, think about it, all the items are beautifully made and are ECO-friendly. If you know someone who loves to do some experiments in their kitchen, this can be it.

Kotobuki Hangiri Sushi Rice Mixing Tub

Let us introduce you to something different than a full kit. This is a HANGIRI. It is a traditional tub used to mix sushi rice and it is made from Japanese cypress wood from Nagano prefecture.

This tub is a handmade product from Japan by an artisan. How they made this you may ask? Well, it is quite simple and yet not an easy task to make. They carve and shape slats of cypress wood, and then secure it with copper bands. It is quite important tool to have when making perfect rice for sushi.

The wood absorbs excess and unwanted moisture. A large surface then allows you to mix properly and evenly all the seasoning, even more, it allows for even cooling.

A little procedure is recommended before each use. It is nothing complicated, basically, just pre-soak the tub with water. The wood absorbs some of it, and expand thus create a secure fit for the copper ring.

Some key features, It is made in Japan, that should speak for itself. Also, did we already told you that it is made, handmade by a professional artisan? This is the traditional mixing tub for sushi rice. Add this to one of the sushi-making kits mentioned above, and you have the perfect combination.


We hope that you understand the world phenomenon of sushi a little more. After all, these are just the basics of it. There is soo much more behind a such simple and yet tasty dish. Learn something new every day right? Well, the rest is up to you dear reader, start with a simple sushi-making kit, then proceed to the next level and master your new skills. What are you waiting for? We are hungry…..

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