Sleeping on the floor, crazy way to sleep with 4 surprising benefits!

Sleeping on the floor? It doesn’t sound that appealing right? And yet it may have some health benefits! It is really good for you to sleep on the floor? This…

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Sleeping on the floor? It doesn’t sound that appealing right? And yet it may have some health benefits!

It is really good for you to sleep on the floor?

This question can be seen as a little controversial topic, because these days, there are too many advanced companies claiming to have the best mattress technology to improve your sleep or even cure your lower back pain. However, if we look back to our history, what can we find there? among many things, we can soon realize that our ancestors slept on the floor. Can that be the answer? Could this be the most natural way to sleep?

It is not rare that some people still sleep on the floor. There are even some cultures with a preference for a minimalist lifestyle of not owning a bed. Owning a bed is so crucial to us and to our culture that we can’t imagine living without one. These minimalist cultures that we are talking about, are usually tribes, they are undeveloped and live a primal lifestyle. And yet, we modern people more and more tend to a minimal lifestyle and the number of people who sleep on the floor is increasing every year.

Did you ever try to sleep like that? If not, just stick around and keep on reading! You will find all the benefits of sleeping on the floor but also the drawbacks.

The benefits of sleeping on the floor

Our herd knowledge can be described as you have to sleep on a soft mattress or you may hurt your back. But there are quite a few benefits of sleeping on the floor or on a firm surface. There are many different ways to go, you can try a FUTON or a TATAMI mat or a YOGA MAT, these are the most popular.

Posture is everything

At first, we have to say that, it is said to improve your posture. Do you wonder how? It’s easy actually because your body is being aligned naturally. All your back muscles are at work during the night to keep your posture. And if you sleep on a soft mattress, your muscles don’t need to work at all. Now imagine, every night your back muscle becomes stronger and stronger, thus fixing your posture.

Did you ever encounter sinkage? It is when you have an old mattress or if you sleep on a too-soft mattress, and you literally sing into your bed. Our back is naturally curved, and combine that with a body that sleeps sunken into a bed. That can’t be good to our back and posture, right? Your back may curve in a totally different direction and cause you a lot of back pain and make your life overall harder. You just can’t smile and be happy all day with pain in your back!

Ease pain

It is believed that sleeping on a floor can ease your back and neck pain. However, this statement lacks the research, fortunately, some can be found. They say that resting, napping, or sleeping on a solid floor or a firmer surface, is actually better for those who suffer from back pain.

As we said before, there are not a lot of studies to be found that back up this theory. As for today there just a few of them. We recommend trying it for yourself and you will see the effects. It could help you with your neck pain or lower back pain! If you think that the floor may be too firm for you, then you should try a tatami mat or a futon mattress.

The best combination can be achieved by combining the tatami mat and the futon mattress. Since the tatami is softer than the floor and can add a little softness to the futon thus creating the perfect balance between firmness and softness.

If are you dealing with almost unbearable or chronic back pain. First thing first, let see a professional doctor. If this is not your case, be brave and try a firmer mattress for your sleep.

No more lazy time!

A side effect of not owning a classical standard bed is minimalizing the time you spend there. Imagine, when your alarm goes off, you tend to snooze it and spend some extra time in your warm and comfy bed. Sleeping on a floor, or if you decide on a futon with tatami, then it is not that comfortable. Thus forcing you every morning to get up and move, do what you need to do.

Especially during winter, people tend to be less productive and just spend a weekend in their cozy and warm bed doing nothing. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle, but remember, the harder road leads to the best places.

Let’s say that you made this change. Mornings become easier, it will be a piece of cake to wake up and start your day right away.

Great way to save time and just force yourself to be productive. You won’t believe what huge impact this can have on your life. Just think about how much time you already spend in your bed watching Netflix, scrolling, and snacking! What would you do with all those hours if someone can give them back to you?

Change the look of your room every month.

Did you even notice how much space a classical bed actually takes? It is usually the biggest object in the room. Now imagine all the extra space you will get if you eliminate it.

Minimalist live style is getting more and more popular in the last few years. The Japanese futons/tatami mats found their way to the western world and becoming widespread and more well known. Did you ever hear about them before? OR even better did you try them?

Another great idea, when you don’t have a bedroom, your bed can be set up anywhere you want! Do some friends come to visit? why don’t set up a temporary place for all of you to sit around? Or take your favorite futon with you on your adventures?

Too many possibilities for one article. You should explore all the benefits by yourself! However, there are some drawbacks of sleeping on the floor.

Drawbacks of Sleeping on the Floor

We ran true all the benefits of sleeping on the floor, now it is time for us to cover some of the drawbacks of this habit. If you wonder and hope for a short answer, we have to disappoint you. If it is good for you or bad for you? The only correct way to say it is, you have to try yourself.

Not that comfortable

Maybe it is caused by the way we live and we are used to having some level of comfort. Meaning, it can be hard to imagine, that after a long and hard day there is no bed full of pillows waiting for you. Could be hard at the beginning to lay down on a firmer surface or even just on a floor.

It is not appealing at the first glance to give up some of the comforts that we have. And spend the rest of the night on something firm. The beginnings are always hard. But it is proven, that a human body needs at least 12 days to adjust to something new. If you made this decision, don’t give up! And keep it up at least for the first 12 days!

As we said before, our bodies and lifestyle are based on our comfort. It may take some time for you to adjust to a flat and firm surface to sleep on. Do not rush this decision and if you are already made it, keep it up! Just don’t forget that it may take some time for you to feel natural and okay to sleep on the floor.

It may get too cold

The second most unwanted side effect is the lack of warmth. Remember all those barefoot walks on the floor? Then you know how cold could it get even when the room temperature is nice and comfortable. The bottom line is, the floor is cold and it will be cold. Of course, there are some lucky people on this planet, and they have a nice floor heating system, but that is a story for another time.

If you wonder why is always like that, well actually it is easy to explain since it is just a basic of physics. The cold air behaves like it is heavier and sinks to the bottom of the room and the warmer air rises up, thus making the floor the coldest part of the room.

The laws of physics make this phenomenon the most common issue for those who try to sleep on the floor. However, it is believed that sleeping in a cooler environment is much better than sleeping in a warm place. Although, it could be a huge drop for someone who is not used to sleep like that.  

How to Sleep on the Floor?

Ok, we hope that even after all the drawbacks you made your mind and decided to sleep on the floor. Well, if that is truly your case you will need some guidance. It is easy to say, just lay on the floor and sleep, but there is something more behind it! If you just literally drop down and sleep, you won’t wake up in a good shape and you definitely won’t feel good at all. So, dive in and prepare!

Mental preparation

Think it all true right at the beginning, stick with your reasoning behind it, and promise yourself to not give up! It will be a shock to your body, so expect the first night to not be that comfortable as you use to be in a bed.

You need to understand that at the beginning it won’t be comfortable at all. It would be cool and awesome if you just can lay down one day on the floor and just feel comfortable instantly. Sadly this is not possible.

That is why the first step is important. Think it all through and understand why are you doing this and be fully committed to it. Be prepared to take all the necessary steps to do, and then you will achieve a comfortable floor sleeping habit.

The right surface for sleeping on the floor

You have to find the right surface for sleeping on the floor. It would be absurd if you look up how to sleep on the floor, and you will find that just drop down and sleep right?

Even the surface itself needs some preparation, did you know that? For you to sleep on the floor, even the floor has to prepare not just you.

Typically, you won’t sleep on a mattress, but you won’t sleep on the bare floor. Let us find all the options you have for sleeping on the floor.


You could find a lot of information about tatami mats, to put it in a short sentence, tatami is a Japanese mat used in flooring but also for sleeping. These mats are made from igusa straws or rice straws.

This is a great starting point, a combination of tatami and a futon mat is also a good choice to go. In Japan sleeping on the floor is extremely common.


We also talked a lot about futon mattresses, they are really similar to our regular mattresses because they offer some softness and comfort. But there the similarity ends, they are a lot thinner and they can fold in half.

Combine a tatami mat and a futon mattress, it will a great star in your floor sleeping journey.

Yoga Mat

The next and last option for you is sleeping on a yoga mat. It may not sound as good as a tatami mat or a futon mattress but it has its own benefits. The obvious one is the price since a good yoga mat is not that expensive.

As the cheapest option for starters, consider it also as an option.

These are the basic ideas for how to sleep on the floor. You can embrace this idea and even get creative and come up with your own way of softening up the floor.

The best would be to try as many options as you can and find the best way for you to sleep on the floor. It will take some time for you since you are not used to sleeping on the floor.  

Take it slow

Remember, it will take some night till the result will come. It can be a couple of nights till you get used to sleeping on the floor. Do not be scared of that and don’t bail out after few bad nights.

The immediate result won’t come, you need to pursue the habit of sleeping on the floor. At first, your body will not like the change, but after some time it will get used to it, and your sleep quality increase.

Commitment to sleeping on the floor may bring some pain in the first mornings. This may be just soreness are your muscled are at hard work during the night. You basically force your muscles to do the job that your mattress used to do – supporting your body. This is the critical moment and try to push through this first stage of uncomforf if you really want to start sleeping on the floor.


Sleeping on the floor is rare and uncommon, the vast majority of us choose to stay in bed. And yet, you can find some people still want to ditch their bed.

To put it in one question, do you wanna know if sleeping on the floor actually good for you? Well, in some cases yes, it provided some benefits, but for others, nothing change or even made things worse.

Sleeping on the floor has its own benefits and drawbacks, fort the main benefits we can say it may ease your pain help to fix your posture and it will make you more productive. Not owning a mattress also allows you to save a lot of space.

For the drawback of sleeping on the floor, the major one could be the fact that it is not comfortable at the first glance. The second thing to not forget is the coldness you will face, floors are cold!

These are not that bad if you prepare for them! And if you took it seriously, these drawbacks won’t stop you right?

Sleeping on the floor can be done correctly of course. But our recommendation is still, don’t try it just like that prepare for it. The best way for sleeping on the floor is by owning a tatami mat, it will make the floor a little softer. It can be combined with a nice futon mattress and you still can fold both of them and store them.

Please, if you try any of these methods, lets us know in the comment section! We can’t wait for the results you give us!

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