19 Little-known gadgets that will help you sleep better and faster.

We are sure that at least once in your life, we hope it was just once, you just could not fall asleep. And it went on for hours, endless nights,…

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We are sure that at least once in your life, we hope it was just once, you just could not fall asleep. And it went on for hours, endless nights, right? These insomnia nights can be really hard to deal with especially if they are more common than they should.

Inspired by these common sleeping problems we did a compilation of five products that can help you to fall asleep faster and have some good shut-eye. Now here we have 19 of them! Deep in our hearts, we hope that at least one will help you!

1. Wake Up Light and alarm clock, wake you up gradually and naturally, but it also has a *reverse* sunset mode that slowly fades away, while you fade out of consciousness yourself.

Two-alarm clocks are provided with a sleeping mode and a sunrise simulation. The former uses the light’s brightness to wake you up, while the latter uses the natural sounds to get you ready to sleep. There are various natural-sound options for setting the alarm clock and sleeping mode.

You can also customize the brightness levels for sunrise and sunset simulation. Besides this, the wake-up light can also be used as an FM radio. It can also be programmed to play the radio channel of your choice. The wake-up light provides a 12-hour time display and is adjustable in brightness. It can also be used to get extra sleep time by pressing the snooze button. Manual and automatic modes provide 7 colorful light options that make it a unique atmosphere lamp. – Check out more and Get it

2. Get to know Kindle Oasis!

The Kindle Paperwhite is the latest addition to the family that’s designed to help you get a better night’s sleep without the need to turn on the lights. With the new Kindle Paperwhite, you can easily change the shade of the screen light to match your mood. Also, with the Kindle Oasis, you can set the brightness of your screen according to the lighting conditions. The Kindle Oasis is built to resist getting splashed in the water, and it can be dropped into a pool or a hot tub.

It features an IPX8 rating, which means it can withstand up to 2 meters of water for up to 60 minutes. With Kindle-exclusive fonts, you can easily adjust the size and boldface of your text to create a more engaging reading experience. It also features a built-in Whispersync feature that lets you seamlessly switch between listening and reading on the Kindle app. – Check out more and Get it

3. For better sleep is coming Blue Light Blocking Glasses

A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses can help you get a better night’s sleep. They’re designed to block out harmful blue light and prevent you from staring at your computer all night. According to a study, prolonged exposure to blue light damages the cells in your eye and prematurely ages them. Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses can help keep your eyes clear and prevent further damage.

Blue Light Shield prevents 95% of the harmful rays of High Energy Blue Light while allowing the less harmful portion to pass through. While looking at a screen for long periods, you’re prone to getting blue light. Unlike other blue-light-blocking glasses, which can break in weeks or months, our TR90 is super stable and can last for a long time. – Check out more and Get it

4. Mattress for a Cool Sleep! Good luck getting out of bed!

The Novilla mattress is made with certified organic foam and is hypo-allergenic. It’s also made without harmful chemicals, such as mercury and formaldehyde. Its bed mattress cover features soft and skin-friendly fabric. A mattress features four foam layers: gel memory foam, comfort foam, polyfoam, and high-density foam. These layers provide a supportive and pressure-relieving surface. They also help prevent roll-off and provide proper spinal alignment.

The Novilla mattress comes in a box and is made to fit most bed frames. It’s recommended that you use it for up to 72 hours to thoroughly air out and shape. Novilla’s 100-day free trial is not the end of your mattress purchase. It will provide you with 10-year protection against defects in materials and workmanship. This ensures that you can enjoy the mattress for a long time. luck getting out of bed! – Check out more and Get it

5. A mattress pad is a great alternative to a new mattress for people who are allergic to the chemicals found in mattresses.

The Marriott Bed is a great choice for people who are looking to restore an older mattress or are cooling off during the summer season. It features a soft cotton blend that is resistant to stains. Its core is filled with advanced fiber that is hypo-allergenic. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

Like Sleeping on a Cloud! “I ordered this on a Saturday morning and it arrived Sunday afternoon. My mattress was getting uncomfortable and would need replacing over the next year or so, but this has given it an extra lease of life. It’s extremely thick and ‘plump’, and it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud. The ‘skirt’ holds it in place – even as someone who constantly moves around in my sleep, it hasn’t moved out of place. I’m still dealing with sore hips and back after a recent pregnancy, but this really helps me to get a decent night’s sleep!” – Coffee Cake Kids

6. Sweet Dream Pillow Spray

An essential oil blend that combines the calming properties of chamomile and lavender to help reduce anxiety and sleep better. We understand that sleep is very important to our bodies and souls. That’s why At Feather & Dow is passionate about bringing you the best sleep products that will help you get the best night’s sleep. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

Lovely “This product was recommended by a member of the family, really nice scent and helps me fall asleep, you only need about 2 sprays over the bed. Would buy again and great value for money.” – crystal colbert

7. A bulk box of Sleepytime herbal tea; with a soothing blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass, it’ll help you wind down at the end of the day and prepare for…well…sleepytime.

This 100% natural and caffeine-free tea is ideal for calming and relaxing. It features a delicate blend of herbs, including chamomile, spearmint, and fresh lemongrass. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

One of the best-tasting herbal tea mixes, sleepy or not! We’ve been drinking this particular tea for years, and regularly order the multi-box, simply because it’s in a class of its own! The other variation (“Sleepytime Extra”, I think) doesn’t have the same taste or smell, the latter is a key component. There’s something about the mix of herbs in this particular tea that we’ve never found in any other ‘sleepy’ tea, and it’s not really that ‘sleepy’ – my wife drinks it almost every morning! So ignore the name and just enjoy it. Opening the sealed liner each time to pull out a teabag is a scent pleasure in itself, a bit like ‘smelling the coffee’ but just about the best-smelling herb tea we’ve ever come across. Highly recommended. – David Everitt

8. Hello, nighttime snack!

These products are designed to support deep natural sleep and promote relaxation. This product will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It will also reduce stress and anxiety and improve your sleep quality. They help our bodies produce melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that helps boost your natural sleep hormone and calm your mind. This sleep blend contains 3mg of Melatonin, which helps regulate the levels of this natural hormone in your body. It also contains calming botanicals such as Lemon Balm and Chamomile. – Check out more and Get it

9. A lightweight, contoured sleeping mask that’ll block every beam of light and never press down on your eyes, so you’ll completely forget you’re even wearing it.

The design of this product allows your eyes to move freely without restricting their movement, which promotes deep and restful sleep. This product is ideal for traveling, as it provides total blackout. It’s also great for keeping you feeling fresh and rested. Designed with an ergonomic design, these eyecups allow you to open and close your eyes without feeling pressure. Mask is ideal for protecting your eyes during sleep and meditation. This headcover is designed to fit the nose contour in a better way, so it won’t disturb your sleep. It features adjustable straps that accommodate all head sizes. – Check out more and Get it

10. Or a NodPod, aka a weighted blanket–sleep mask hybrid designed to put a comforting and relaxing pressure on your head — without the feeling of elastic.

Ideal for sleeping, travel, meditation, yoga, and so much more – nodpod is the perfect gift idea and travel accessory. The nodpod’s patented design provides a gentle, yet evenly distributed pressure point across the head for a relaxing and comfortable experience. The nodpod’s pull-through strap is adjustable so it can be used in different positions. Its blackout design helps you fall asleep faster and relieve tension. The Nodpod is a dual-material design that allows it to cool down on one side and remain flexible on the other. This makes it ideal for storing in the freezer. – Check out more and Get it

11. Cozyphones, a fleece headband with flat headphones built right in, because sleeping with earbuds in your ears is damn painful, but your “go to sleep” playlist is kickin’.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will fit perfectly in your child’s ears, then look no further than CozyPhones. Conventional headphones can get uncomfortable and fall out, especially when they’re worn on little heads. CozyPhones are made out of durable fleece, so they’re super soft and will stay in place. With the CozyPhones, you’re choosing a super comfortable and easy-to-use solution that’s designed to keep your little one’s ears safe and sound. – Check out more and Get it

11. A humidifier and essential-oil diffuser nightlight lamp designed to look like the night sky for a whole ~universe~ of relaxation — use lavender or your favorite nighttime-friendly essential oil for an extra boost.

The ultrasonic technology of this product allows it to operate quietly and produce a pleasant and long-lasting scent. It can be used to add essential oil to create a relaxing atmosphere. A 3D diffuser uses aromatherapy to improve the humidity of the air and diffuses cool fog into the surrounding air. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

Stunning product defo a must buy “Looks and smells absolutely amazing best product for scent iv bought in a long time. Takes about 200ml of water and 5-10 drops of oil depending on how strong you like the smell for 3-4 hours of continuous mist. Seriously this is amazing.” – Chris

12. A reviewer-certified squeak-free bedframe for anyone whose restless bed partner rustling in the night is keeping them from getting any real rest.

There’s no need for a bed frame that’s too heavy or too expensive to put together. With the Zinus SmartBase folding bed frame, you can easily transform any room into a beautiful bed. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

Amazing value for money. “This arrived in a surprisingly small box for a double bed, and was only the size of a large suitcase and really light, so I was incredibly surprised that it was also simple to put together and actually really sturdy. The components were all nicely laid out in a blister pack and I had put it together alone in about 10 minutes. I had purchased this for my five-year-old because he is up most nights and I was fed up with sleeping on the floor, so most nights the bed houses myself and at least one child (often 2 or 3!). It is silent; not so much as a creak (even when they are jumping on it!), the is loads of storage space underneath, and as there is no fussy frame or headboard it is compact in his small bedroom. I haven’t yet disassembled the bed, as we are currently using it long-term, but this looks to be a simple enough task, and it would fold up really small. Would be an excellent choice for visitors, but is also proving to be fine for everyday use too” – Lmt

13. Or a soothing ceiling projector with eight different light settings to turn anyone’s room (adult or child alike) into a magical star show…and soothe and distract you from going over your to-do list for the thousandth time so you can focus on what you’re going to dream about.

This little light is a galaxy aurora projector that can be placed on the ceiling or wall. It’s ideal for kids and adults to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. You can choose from four colors: red, blue, green, and multicolor. This light can be projected in different directions to create a wide panoramic effect. The audio cable can be used with various audio devices, also it can be used to play relaxing music while watching patterns at night. – Check out more and Get it

14. A pair of insulating blackout curtains to keep precious heat IN and annoying sunlight OUT — or even worse, the lights your neighbors refuse to turn off at 3 a.m. that are somehow brighter than the sun.

If you’re looking for a way to re-create the look of your home, then look no further than the NICETOWN readymade curtains. These elegant and durable curtains are made with a strong ring top for easy installation and are ready to serve as window dressing. Blackout curtains and drapes can help reduce the amount of light coming in through the windows, which can help lower energy costs and improve the comfort of your home. These products are ideal for people who are green and are looking for ways to conserve energy. – Check out more and Get it

15. Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping, Cooling Gel Filling, Back & Stomach or Side Sleepers

Protect Your Head and Body From The Heat: Our bed pillows are designed to keep you cool and comfortable during the night. Our cooling pillows are ideal for people who prefer a sideways or a supine sleeping position. They feature a soft bounce-back design that will allow you to customize their shape. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

So comfortable! “So happy I ordered these pillows! They are the perfect combo of soft and firm. I have been sleeping better and waking with less soreness in my neck. I was previously sleeping with a memory foam pillow that was just way too firm. This is so much better! Please note that these pillows come flat in a vacuum-sealed bag. They puff up nicely when you take them out. Also, no mold problem. They arrived crisp and clean.” – Sarah Hagelin

16. A U-shaped body pillow that’ll be your cuddle buddy and grown-up stuffed animal companion to keep your body aligned and give you a comforting, cocooning sensation to help you relax and doze right off.

A sleeping pillow can also serve as a full-formed backrest, supporting the entire upper body. It’s a great way to recharge after a long day. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

 BUY BUY BUY! “Really shocked. It’s exactly as it is in the photo.
I needed a pillow like this as I was about to have rotary cuff surgery on my shoulder, the others I looked at had some good reviews but the bad reviews were what I didn’t want (pillow separating inside, etc).
Came in a long box. Beautiful softcover. All even, comfy, bounce-back pillows.
Made my surgery recovery peacefully, wish I would have got this on my previous shoulder surgery as well! I’ve also had c sections and this would have been awesome too (i have had other maternity pillows but this one is the best)
Seriously you won’t regret buying it.
I will still be using this after I have healed as it gets me straight off to sleep as well.”
 —Charlotte Matthews

17. The Nocturnal Journal, a creative notebook formatted to help any restless mind late at night — it’s filled with interactive pages and reusable activities to de-stress, unwind, and just chill the eff out so you can get to sleep ASAP.

The Nocturnal Journal is an engaging and insightful journal that will help you discover what keeps you up at night. It features insightful prompts and beautiful images to help you explore and understand yourself. The perfect gift for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves. – Check out more and Get it

18. A mega-fluffy down alternative all-season duvet insert, because being cozy isn’t just for the wintertime. This has a weight that’s perfect for cuddling under year-round; the over 75,000 people who rated this 5 stars can’t be wrong!

The Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter is made with 300 Gsm microfiber fill and ultra-soft fabric, which eliminates the symptoms of goose down. It features a convenient corner and side loop to keep the comforter in place. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

Great quality and very reasonable price “Really great product for the price. I originally had bought a real down-filled duvet for my child because they really liked the one I had, but they kept saying they were way too warm, so I purchased this one. I saw it on a list of “best duvets for hot sleepers.” It is GREAT! My child hasn’t complained about being hot at all since starting to use it. It’s very soft and comfortable. I’ll definitely buy another one if the need arises. ” – JS

19. A high-density memory foam pillow ergonomically designed to align your knees and hips to reduce pressure on your lower back. That means less waking in the night in pain (according to Amazon reviewers) and an easier time falling asleep.

Do you have trouble sleeping due to back pain or nerve pain? ComfiLife’s 100% Memory Foam Knee Pillow can help relieve your pain. The Knee Pillow is an innovative product that provides comfort and support for people with sciatica. It’s designed to fit comfortably between your knees and helps relieve pressure on the lower back. – Check out more and Get it

Promising review:

Miracle For My Back! After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give this pillow a try. I am a side sleeper and like to hike my bent leg pretty far up, which I imagine really puts my spine out of alignment. Needless to say, tossing and turning with severe low back pain all through the night and well into the next morning. The first night I used this pillow, it was like a miracle. The only time I woke up was to turn over to my other side with my pillow still between my knees. This is my third night of using the knee pillow and probably the best 3 nights of sleep I have ever had and the ability to get out of bed the next morning with no back pain. I had no problem adapting to this pillow. It is soft, comfortable, and stays put. I just hope I don’t have a problem removing the cover to wash as some reviewers complained about. I have already told my sister about this pillow. Thanks for such a great product from a great company! –

Some extra thoughts

Falling asleep can be sometimes difficult, remember if you are suffering from some diagnosis that causes you insomnia, definitely seek a professional to deal with your problem. But if you are completely healthy, you had a hard day and still can’t fall asleep? That is the situation that these products can help you to get some shut-eye.

If you decide to try one or two, you won’t regret that decision trust us, and feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Good night 🙂


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