13 Secrets Things You didn’t Know about the FUTON CARE. Your futon deserves the best care!

Wake up! Your Futon needs help! If you decided to sleep on a futon mattress you need to know how to care about it. The lifetime can be pretty long…

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Wake up! Your Futon needs help!

If you decided to sleep on a futon mattress you need to know how to care about it.

The lifetime can be pretty long if you take care of it in the proper way.

Mattress made exactly from natural materials can last around 20 years. By the correct way of taking care of it. The biggest exclamation mark is hygiene. You should change your mattress every 4 or 6 years, even if it is a futon.

Follow these steps…

Protect from moisture! Never wash or soak!

The best suitable way for how to clean the mattress is dry brushing or using a combination of dry foam and dry brushing. You can try vacuuming but only on low suction.

Mattresses are made of natural material, never clean them with water. For small dirty areas use a sponge or a brush. If you manage to get the mattress wet, just let it air out or put it under direct sunlight.

Protect your mattress from flames and sharp objects such as knives or scissors.

A wet or cold floor can permanently damage your mattress. Try to avoid these kinds of backgrounds. Use a tatami instead! During summer it can get hot, it is possible that the mattress will get wet. In this case, just lean it to the wall and wait till it gets dry again.

How to make it mite-free?
Our nearest burning star, commonly called the sun, is the cheapest and easiest way for killing all mites inside. Our sunlight contains UV radiation which can kill them all. To summarise, put your mattress in direct sunlight and keep it there for a while. After this treatment, it will smell better and the mite occupation will probably dropdown. 

Random advice
Cotton! Use cotton-based sheets for cover. Or any sheet-based or made from natural-based materials. 

My first day with you!

When you got your first mattress or the second or who exactly know how many you have. That doesn’t matter. Let’s pretend that you are someone who is just trying a different way of sleeping. So to the point, when you open your new lovely mattress, it will be flat or you will smell some odor. DO NOT WORRY or DO NOT PANIC, everything is all right. It just needs some time and air, after a while the shape becomes normal and also the odor will disappear. 

  • When the mattress gets flat and thrusts me it will get flat, you don’t have to be worried about it. This is normal and common, and it won’t decrease the quality in any way. It is adapting to your body. This flatness will be most visible on those parts where is the weight of your body. 
  • This flattening will affect the whole mattress. But this will take some time, and It is unpredictable how long this process will be. It is a mystery!
  • Don’t be scared if your futon arrives folded in half. This is the common way of shipping. There is no danger because in this half folded position. There is no pressure and that means no damage!
  • NEVER, never, and never open your futon or scratch the surface. I know that it is tempting to look inside, but this is a huge NO-NO.

Help I need my own space! Put me somewhere!

Not an easy choice, however, if you decide to put your mattress directly on the floor, you have to air the room every day. Also, flip the mattress as your morning routine. Having it directly on the floor have its risks such as mold. Mold can develop in poor conditions or high moisture places. Daily airing should reduce the risk. Keep the futon inside where the temperature is stable, and the air humidity is low. This can prolong its life.

How to fight with mildew you asked?

The finest solution will be placing it on a special floor. This floor is called TATAMI. You could also use a wood frame. Both of these provide enough airings for the mattress. 

As it was mentioned, the futon should not be placed on the floor. However, if you keep it inside in a dry place and flip it every day, you can achieve a safe environment. 

Airing out is a must!

Maintaining your mattress is more important than you think! Just keeping it dry can make a huge change. We do recommend opening a window every morning. Just add flipping the mattress and airing. Do this regularly and everything should be fine.

How often? That depends on your room conditions. As prevention, airing should be done every day. Or at least once per week.

The middle ground is, if you have a chance to air your futon, then do it. Airing during summer or winter can change your perspective on sleeping. As little as it seems, it can make a huge change and give your sleep a new dimension.

Every day? Twice a week? Once in a month?

If you decide to buy a futon, you should know how often to dry it and turn it! This depends mainly on the type you chose. By type, we mean from what material it’s made of and another important fact is where it will be placed. Let’s get a look at a comparison of how long and where to air and how often turn your mattress.


For these types, it is necessary to air it 3 or 4 times per month. In the shade, one hour on each side is enough. When the sun is at its peak during summer, you should use a cover for it.


Mattresses made from cotton can be aired daily. However once per week and two hours at each side in the sun, it’s minimum for a mattress.


Synthetic fiber needs the most attention. Airing has to be at least once per week and two hours at each side in the sun or the shade.

Turn Me!

You have to turn your mattress regularly. That means at the beginning when it is brand new, you have to turn it in at least once a week. After one month or when it is seated turning once in a month is enough. This is a way how to accomplish a nice even and flat mattress that can last longer.

We do recommend that mattresses made from cotton should be turned twice a month and mattresses filled with latex, coconut, or deluxe should be turned once a month.

The turns depend on where you place the mattress. If your futon is laying directly on the floor, it has to be turned once or twice per week. But if you decide on another option, for example, a futon frame or tatami, then you should turn twice or four times for a month vertically and horizontally.

Did you wonder when is the best time?

It is obvious that putting your mattress out when it looks like raining later, or it rained a day earlier, is not gonna work. The humidity in these cases is too high. Also putting it out too early or at night is not a good idea since at this time the humidity is too high again. The best bet will be between 10 am and 3 pm. At this time window of the day, the humidity is at its lowest point. The set time is also when the sun is at its peak.

Also, keep in mind the current season. For example, during winter the sun is weaker, which means you have to leave it out longer than in summer. Make sure to check the time during airing because if you leave your mattress out for too long, the sunlight can damage the fibers and make the color fade.

You have now read all the necessary information about me! Let’s get to it!

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