11. Amazing sleep habits from around the world

Bedroom, you know the saying, what happens there stay there! Put that aside and let’s talk about sleep. If you traveled a little bit, you might notice that every culture…

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Bedroom, you know the saying, what happens there stay there! Put that aside and let’s talk about sleep. If you traveled a little bit, you might notice that every culture has different sleep habits. We could learn something from that. Or at least give a little spice to your day-to-day sleeping pattern and just for fun try something new. Don’t be afraid of something new, what is the worst thing that could happen? In the beginning, it may strike us a bit odd, but it is also quite possible that trying a few new sleeping habits, could change improve your sleep by a lot. So why not?

Indonesia “Todoet poeles”

Did you ever hear this before? It is also referred as “Fear sleep”. Basically, you have to doze off instantly during any stress-related situation. By taking a break during any emergency situation can change your mindset and give you a different picture of the whole situation that you have to face.


This can force you to rethink and pull yourself together. Of course, this habit has its own limits. Imagine when you are the boss of a company, and you are needed because it is an emergency, suddenly your employees will need you and they find you sleeping. In some situations it can help, but not in all situations. To sum it up, taking a short nap can fill you up with energy and give you a different perspective.

Japan – Inemuri

Can you imagine falling asleep somewhere in public? Or even at your job? Well taking a nap in Japan is not considered a sign of laziness but instead, it is a sign that you work hard. They call this type of sleep “inemuri” which literally means “sleeping whilst present”.

Taking a nap at their office desk or on public transport is not considered laziness like in other countries and cultures. They took it as a sign of a hard-working individual, who needs to rest a little. Another interesting fact goes by sleeping solo. According to the survey from NSF, which stands for the National Sleep Foundation, less than two-thirds of Japanese people who are living together or married sleep together. On the opposite side, more than a quarter are falling asleep solo.

By solo, we mean that they don’t share their beds even with kids or pets. Japanese may found something by doing this. Research shows that people who choose to sleep in a separate room or bed are getting more rest from their night. Women are dominating in these reports, which can be because men are more likely to snore and move around in bed.

Italy – A nap after lunch

In Italy, it is common to take a nap after lunch. These naps can last anywhere between 2 or 4 hours! How crazy that sounds? This nap time has its own name, lo and behold before “RIPOSO”. This is what you are missing in your life. An after-lunch nap that can even last for 4 hours. Of course for visitors from all around the world, it can be frustrating because some attractions could close at that time. The only question remains, Why are we still here? Let’s go to ITALY!

Spain – Siesta

There is one well known snoozing habit, that is familiar with everyone around the globe. Of course, we mean SIESTA! It originated from Spain and from some parts of Latin America. We can date back thousands of years when it was considered a necessary break due to the hot climate, nowadays it is a luxury that is rare in our society. Speaking of the present, siestas are still popular but with the current rate of urbanizing and work-related duties, it becomes more like a luxury that not everyone really gets.

When modern people feel drowsy, they treat themself to some coffee or energetic soft drink. This temporary solution has fewer benefits than a short afternoon nap. Our bodies get naturally tired around early afternoon, even experts are recommending a little afternoon nap like a siesta. Unfortunately, the truth is, almost no one can really get a nice nap-break during a working shift. Our rushed lifestyle took from us this opportunity.

China – Rest and nap at your workplace

Life in China is different. The working hours there are much longer than ours. Especially factories, some of them even set up a temporary sleeping area. Employers even suggest to their employees to take a short nap after lunchtime. In theory, this could help to concentrate more. These temporary beds should be firm because there is a widespread belief that a firm bed could ease back pain.

United Kingdom – The nudists

When the brain detects that the body temperature is reducing, it signals the snooze time. Maybe this could be the hidden treasure in the UK. According to this survey 30% of people in the UK going to sleep as God made them. Sleeping naked also helps to optimize body temperature thus making this a way how to increase the overall quality of sleep.

Scandinavia – A nap outside?

If you wander around any country in the North, you may notice some infants sleeping outside even when it is 23°F which is -5°C. This may seem odd, but they believe in sleeping outdoors during the day can be good for their health. It is also believed that this is good prevention and it will keep young children from getting sick. Even the kindergartens provide a day nap only for the same reasons.

Europe – Use a duvet!

Sleeping outside cant be for everyone, then there is also the possibility to sleep naked, but that can be uncomfortable or sometimes even awkward. Imagine having roommates, yikes! That’s why in Europe they use duvets. This is widespread across the whole Europe, the duvet itself has its own sheet. The sheet is removable and washable so it is always fresh!

Mexico – Meditation before sleep

Having a routine before sleep can be a good thing even better when it is meditating or even reading a book. These before sleep rituals are common in Mexico. A study done by the NSF shows that more than half of Mexicans prayed or meditated before sleep. Not being exposed to any electronic device before drifting off, can increase the quality of your sleep, meditating also helps to clear the head. Try to read a book or meditate or even pray before bedtime, change your habits and you may be surprised by the results!

Botswana – A personal schedule

Almost everyone on this planet goes to bed when it is dark outside, right? Well, there are some different cultures and habits. For example, let’s look at Botswana. A native tribe called !Kung, are hunters and gatherers but they have a habit of going to sleep only if you are tired. This applies no matter what the time is. Imagine going to rest during your shift at your job, no wonder that this is not wide-spread across our capitalist world.

Guatemala – “Special dolls”

Guatemala’s native people living in the highlands, are known for creating “worry dolls”. These dolls are helping them because they believe that the person who is worried, can’t fall asleep. Thus comes the doll, all the worries should be told to as many dolls as possible, then put them under a pillow. The doll will worry instead of you, allowing you to wake up refreshed and unburdened in the morning. These dolls are popular amongst tourists since they are small and easy to carry around. You can find them also in Mexico. Do you own any?


What was the biggest surprise for you? If you are interested here, you can learn and read about almost anything sleep-related. Remember it is never too late for trying something new. Don’t be afraid, maybe just going to bed naked, can have a huge difference in the morning or overall. Whatever you choose, Good night 🙂

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