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We would like to introduce ourselves and show you the products, that we stand for. Our goal is to find a high-quality product and bring various articles from the Japanese world of furniture and culture. We pay special attention to the futon and tatami mat. 

futon mattress

The design is about practicality and full use with the form of minimalism, which is so close to us and thus we believe that this is the same reason why you landed on our page, to learn and see where is the hidden beauty of this simple way of living. 

You are one of the lovers of minimalism and the natural colors of your house like us. Then you will fall in love with traditional Japanese furniture.

When you purchase any type of furniture, we are sure, that you never regret this decision. The right choice is the most important part of daily life.

Bed rest

Let your body relax and enjoy according to Japanese tradition sleep. Quality sleeping is one of the main reasons for a satisfied and happy life. This statement became an impulse for us to create an easier way to futon mattresses for everyone. Did you know that the quality of your sleep is determined by your choice of mattress? That is why you need to choose wisely.

sleep on the futon

Simplicity, harmony, humility, and balance of life, these words define us. It’s the same definition that applies to the traditional Japanese living style.  Breathtaking and timeless pieces of Japanese design furniture.

Japan room